February Wrap Up!


Is it just me or did February go by in like two seconds? I’m not too bothered that it flew right on by because I am ready for spring! Here in Alabama we’ve been having 80 degree days so I would say that winter is over. I missed three days of posting, I post every other day typically, because I have been very busy spring cleaning. My house has been getting a top to bottom scrub down and cleaned out so that I can start some pretty big home improvement projects.

 Are they not just the cutest?

First on my long list of home improvement projects is an almost total kitchen redo. I’m painting cabinets, getting new hardware and then we’re getting a new floor. I hope to start that in the next week or two. I might have to slack off on posting while I’m in the midst of that unless I can get a few things prewritten beforehand. If I’m ever taking a break from the blog I will post about it on my Twitter. Speaking of the blog, somehow there is 184 of you following me on here now! Thank you so much!

thumbnail (37).jpg
My beautiful Valentine flowers from my dear husband.

I have lots of fun things planned to write about in March. TONS of new e.l.f. stuff, skincare, books, a smoothie recipe and much more is coming. If any of that sounds interesting to you just follow me on here or Twitter which is where I post the most. How did your February go? What do you have planned in March? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “February Wrap Up!

  1. I felt like February flew by as well! We’ve been having some crazy weather here in Ohio, it doesn’t really feel like one season to be honest😂 Can’t wait for your March posts, your ideas sound so fun and interesting!

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    1. In Alabama we have a mixture of all of the seasons usually every month 😂 thank you so much! I hope they are. I’m always looking for new ideas and things to check out so feel free to leave suggestions anytime😊

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