The Best Highlighter I Own (and it’s only $6.00!)

This highlighter is not new but it’s new to me. I can not stop using e.l.f.’s Shimmer Highlighting Powder in Rose Glow! This highlighter is my favorite out of every one that I have and it was only $6.00. This is the first pink highlight I’ve ever tried and it’s so stunning, especially paired with a deep pink blush. The formula for this is smooth, creamy and it doesn’t have chunky glitter. I’m so tempted to buy one of these highlighters in every shade but I just have so many as it is. Ah, the problems of a makeup junkie.

I know this wasn’t a super long review or anything but if you’ve never tried these highlighters before you need to! e.l.f. offers six shades of this particular highlighter so there’s definitely atleast one for every skin tone. Let me know if you’ve tried these or what your favorite is! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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