NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation Review

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NYX is a brand that’s pretty hit or miss for me. Some of their products are like my holy grails, can’t live without them (their BB Cream and HD Concealer) and others are pure trash. Their Hydra Touch Powder Foundation is both to me. I know that doesn’t make any sense but I will explain. This powder foundation is $10.00 and available in twenty shades. Mine is in the lightest shade, Porcelain.



*First column is no makeup, second column is just powder foundation and third column is my NYX BB Cream, NYX HD Concealer and then the powder foundation on top. Just click on the pictures to see them in more detail. 

I’ll break down what I liked and disliked with a list of pros and cons.


  • I absolutely loved this over my BB Cream. It set my foundation and I didn’t have to use any other powder.
  • It offers a decent amount of coverage to just be a powder. As you can see in the pictures above where I’m only wearing the powder, my acne is still visible along with my dark circles. This is definitely a sheer to light coverage product. This could be a pro or a con depending on what you want. It really helps to bump up the coverage of BB/CC creams, however.
  • This shade matched me perfectly and there is a decent shade range available.
  • You can apply this with a wet sponge for more coverage or a dry brush to just use it as a powder.


  • This looked HORRIBLE under my eyes. It aged me by about twenty years. It settled into my bags and fine lines and just looked awful. It looked bad by itself and over my BB Cream and concealer.
  • I tried to use this just over concealer with no kind of foundation and it caked up on the concealer. It did not do this over my BB Cream.
  • This settles into fine lines, especially around my mouth and forehead.
  • I have to use thinner liquid products with this or it looks way too heavy and cakey. I would not use this with a foundation or thick concealer, only BB Creams.
  • If I tried to wear this alone it really accentuated my pores even with my pore minimizing primer that I love.

Most of the time when I wear makeup I am wearing my NYX BB Cream and with that I loved this powder foundation. I hated the way this looked by itself on my skin and it can get cakey over other products really fast. I recommend this if you primarily wear BB or CC creams and just want to bump up the coverage a little bit. This would also be a good option as a sheer foundation if you don’t have much to cover up or any bags under your eyes. I’m always looking for new foundations because I still haven’t found one I love so let me know what your favorites are! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


26 thoughts on “NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation Review

  1. Mary

    i have clear skin and freckles and want my freckles to show through my makeup. Right now I use a Clinique liquid foundation that I feel like kind of covers up the freckles. Do you think this would be a good powder to use as the main foundation light coverage?

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    1. Yes. If you have clear skin this will probably work very well for you but it might cover your freckles slightly depending on how dark they are. If you have oily to normal skin this will probably work best. I have more dry skin and it tended to cling to dry skin areas.


      1. That’s my favorite one. If you need one lighter than that, the BH Cosmetics Total Coverage Concealer is SUPER pale. I bought shade 100 and can only use it under my eyes because it’s so light. I plan to review in a week or so.


      2. I have very deep bags and lines under my eyes and this is the best concealer I’ve ever used under them. It’s pretty thick so a little goes a LONG way and I do set it with a loose powder, currently using elf’s Beauty Shield powder and it’s great.


      3. ahh I totally didn’t think about that. Elf makes up the bulk of my blog. They’re so affordable and for the most part so good. Are you able to order from Ulta? They have some elf things.


      4. thenerdybeauty

        Ulta doesn’t exist over here, we have kruidvat which has a lot of drugstore brands but sadly elf still isn’t one of them, I can order some stuff online but even most online stores in belgium don’t have elf or only a small selection.

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      5. thenerdybeauty

        Maybelline,L’oreal,makeup revolution,max factor, gosh,ellie,essence,nyc, mua , rimmel and a few I’m missing are available at every drugstore, nyx, mac and kiko have their own stores in most towns. . Online I can also get my hands on bh cosmetics and many more. I can get chanel, sisley, bobby brown, urban decay, shiseido etc. In some parfumeries.

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      6. I’ve been wanting to try a Kiko foundation but they all look so dark. I’m trying to review more things that can be easily gotten everywhere and not just in the US.


      7. thenerdybeauty

        Kiko is very dark when it comes to foundation but their new contour palette is really good even for very pale skin. I do like their blushes,highlighter and contour products (all powders). Might review some of them soon!

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      1. thenerdybeauty

        Very pricey but manic panic has some good ones as well and I can get my hands on those easily, shipping is 10 dollars or more and you need to pay taxes on everything you ship into our country above 20 dollars, so a palette that’s 15 dollars would cost me 25 dollars which puts it above the 20 dollar limit so it would end up costing around 40 dollars

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