J. Cat Beauty Color Corrector Quad & Love Struck Blush Review

J. Cat Beauty is a cruelty free brand that I had never heard of and just stumbled across it one day on Ulta’s website. I’ve really been into color correcting and I always love buying blush so that’s what I decided to pick up. I bought the Color Corrector Quad for $5.99 and the Love Struck Blush in the color Sweet Pea Pink for $3.99. Ulta always has sales, however, so I believe I got these buy one get one half off.

thumbnail (6)

I feel very meh about both of these products. The color correctors work okay but not great for me. I was worried that they would be too dark and they were. If you have a deeper skin tone this is going to work much better for you. I could not use the orange at all, the yellow helped my dark circles somewhat, the green worked well on my redness and I just really have no use for the lavender. I didn’t notice any of these creasing under my eyes or looking bad under my foundation so they have a good formula. If J. Cat released a lighter quad I would pick it up.


The blush I bought is a pretty pink with some peach undertones. I loved the cat imprint; you can’t see it on mine anymore because it’s been worn away. Even though I think this is pretty and it looked good on my skin I probably wouldn’t repurchase. It didn’t last very long on the skin, maybe five or six hours, and it has a TON of kick up when you put your brush into it. I would rather pay a few dollars more and get one of the Milani Rose Blushes or even one from e.l.f. for a similar price.

This was my first experience with J.Cat Beauty so I’m sure I’ll try more in the future. What do you recommend from the brand? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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