Disappointing New(er) Products from e.l.f.

I’ve been struggling to figure out the best way to review these two products. They’re both some of e.l.f. Cosmetics newest releases but I just really don’t like them. I decided to combine the reviews even though these two things have nothing to do with each other because honestly, I want them out of my way.

Pore Clearing Glitter Peel Off Mask

thumbnail (18)

The Pore Refining Peel Off Mask is $8.00 and infused with glitter, charcoal, lavender and witch hazel. You get 2.47 ounces, which is not very much. I absolutely love the masks from Feeling Beautiful (review coming next week) and those are only $4.29 for 6 ounces. The price of this mask is my first complaint. My second is this mask is painful! It is a peel off mask but this did not want to come off of my face. It was like peeling a band aid. However, I could have dealt with the pain if I would have seen some kind of skin benefit. I have combo skin that tends to be dry with acne. My skin is fairly sensitive and this irritated it. I only used it in my T-zone but my face was very red and irritated. Personally, I think all of these glitter infused masks are just very gimmicky and I’m mad I wasted $8.00 on this. If you want a good peel off mask I highly recommend one from the Feeling Beautiful brand.

Prismatic Lip Gloss

The Prismatic Lip Glosses are $4.00 and available in four shades. Mine is in the shade Imperial Topaz. First, let me say this is not a horrible gloss. It’s actually really comfortable, not sticky and not overly filled with glitter. My only complaint is this is not very pigmented at all. I was really wanting the color to be what you see in the tube and it’s just not. This is definitely just a glitter topper with an orange tint. If a glitter topper is what you’re looking for than this isn’t bad but if you want a pigmented gloss you’re better off with their Lip Lacquer.

That’s all of my disappointing products from e.l.f. for the moment. Usually I love their stuff but these just weren’t what I wanted. Have you tried out any of their new releases? What do you think? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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