NYX Dark Circle Concealer Review

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I have been on a mission to find an undereye concealer/corrector that works for me. I have very dark circles and bags under my eyes so it takes a lot to cover them. About a month ago I bought the Dark Circle Concealer from NYX. Mine is in the shade light and there is four shades available. It is $5.99.

*No concealer is on the left and concealer is on the right. 

Sadly, this concealer wasn’t what I needed. It did correct some of the darkness under my eyes a bit, not completely, but this creased so badly on me. It has coconut oil in it which makes it very hydrating but that also makes it crease. I also had to be careful to not blend it too much or it would just disappear.

This isn’t the worst product I’ve ever tried and I do plan to use it up because it can be worked with. However, I recommend the e.l.f. Lightweight Color Neutralizing Pen more than this. It’s a more salmon color while the NYX concealer is more orange and I’ve discovered that salmon tones work better for my skin. If you know of any good color correctors be sure to let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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