Freeman Beauty Infusion Cleansing Clay Mask & Hydrating Gel Cream Mask Review

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I love Freeman brand face masks. They are super affordable and they actually work. I decided to pick up two new ones, the Beauty Infusion Cleansing Clay Mask and the Hydrating Gel Cream Mask. Before I get into reviewing these, I thought I would link to some of the other masks from this brand I have reviewed if you’re interested 🙂

The Beauty Infusion Clay Mask is $2.99 and you get 0.5 ounces of product. This is available in a larger size, 4 ounces, for $8.00. This is a serum infused mask that is supposed to clear pores and it uses charcoal to draw out the oils and toxins. It also contains probiotics to help clear your complexion. It claims to be suitable for all skin types. My skin is combination that tends to be more dry with acne. My acne is hormonal and caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This means that what I do on the outside can help my acne but it never completely goes away and it won’t until I figure out how to manage my hormones. Anything that claims to help clear skin is something I want to try so that’s why I bought this. I do think this mask really works but it can be slightly abrasive. After a few minutes of it being on my face it really starts to itch. However, as soon as I remove it my skin is fine. This does leave my skin feeling very clean and it’s gross but this also will make acne bumps form a head. This shows me that this mask really is pulling toxins and oil out. I can get around three to four uses from this packet and once I use it up I do plan to buy the larger bottle. This mask isn’t super comfortable but it works.

The Hydrating Gel Cream Mask is $1.99 and you get 0.5 ounces of product. This is not available in a larger size at Ulta as of right now. This mask uses glacier water and pink peony to replenish and calm dry skin. You can leave this mask on for intense hydration or rinse it off whenever you’d like. This mask claims to be fine for all skin types. I love this mask so much. If my skin is very dry or irritated this is my go to. It’s so soothing and hydrating. I really hope they release a bigger bottle of this because I’ve already went through two of these packets. You can get between three and six uses from each packet depending on how much you use. This is a must for dry skin.

As of right now, I’ve never been disappointed with a Freeman mask. The quality is excellent for the price and just in general. I’d love to know if you’ve used any of their masks! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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