Milani Haul with Full Reviews!

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Milani is what I would describe as bougie on a budget. They have gorgeous packaging (that unfortunately feels cheap) but most importantly, they have really good products that are affordable. I have reviewed some things from Milani before; like their Luminoso blush, rose blush, foundation, eye primer and glow powder. I liked all of those products except for the foundation, which I’m actually thinking about retrying since there is new shades available. For some reason I just hadn’t bought anything from Milani in a long time so I decided to purchase a few new things and try them out.

Rose Blush Trio

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I absolutely love Milani’s rose blushes! When I saw that they had released smaller trio palettes I knew I had to get one. There is two different trios available for $13.00 apiece. I bought mine in Floral Fantasy. From left to right the shades are: a warm matte peachy coral,  a warm shimmering dusty rose and a warm shimmering bronzy rose. I would say the first two are best suited for my skin tone while the third one is just a little too dark for me but I can make it work. These are beautiful, pigmented and while two of them are described as being shimmery there is no obvious glitter. I did notice that these fade pretty fast. I was able to fix this, however, by not applying them over my powder. I apply the blush directly onto my foundation, powder around the blush and then set everything with my setting spray. When I do this I have no issues with fading. I highly recommend this trio!

Strobelight Instant Glow Powder

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It looks like a pearl/champagne shade but there is a beautiful peach shift!

This was my first time trying a highlighter from Milani and I was pretty impressed. I bought the shade Moon Glow and it was $10.00. I was actually a little annoyed when I received this highlighter after placing my order. On the website it looks pink and Milani doesn’t have descriptions of their products so I bought this thinking I was getting a light pink highlight. Well obviously, it’s not pink. This is a champagne highlight with a peachy/pearl shift. It looks so basic in the pan but it’s actually really unique to my highlighter collection. It’s not a blinding highlight but it can be built up. I was very pleasantly surprised by this and I recommend it.

Color Statement Lipsticks

I bought two Color Statement Lipsticks and they will not be the last. These are $6.00 apiece and they both have a fruity scent.

The first picture on the left is the shade Teddy Bare. It is a brown shade with a slight bit of pink and a cream finish. It’s not really cool or warm toned, I would say it’s neutral. Since it is a cream finish, it’s very comfortable but not really long wearing. This shade is perfect for me.

The second picture on the right is Bronze Beauty. This is an orange/copper shade with gold micro glitter. This lipstick is warm toned and has a metallic/glittery finish. Bronze Beauty is so unique to my collection! I think it is a gorgeous year round shade because while it reminds me of fall it would also be beautiful in the spring or summer. The glitter is very fine but you can slightly feel it on your lips. Also, since this has more of a metallic finish it will draw more attention to lines on the lips. If you’re okay with all of that I do recommend this one!

Color Statement Matte Lipstick

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This Color Statement Matte lipstick is actually one I’ve had for a very long time and I’m not sure why I haven’t talked about it. This lipstick is $6.00 as well and mine is in the shade Love. This is a beautiful violet matte shade. It is more long wearing than the cream formulas because it’s matte but that also means it will be more dry on the lips. I do find this to be a much more comfortable formula, however, than a lot of other matte lipsticks. I recommend these.

Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palettes

These palettes are $11.00 apiece and I bought three of them: Must Have Naturals, Smoky Essentials and Plum Basics.

Must Have Naturals is the cool toned, neutral palette I have been wanting. I loved everything about this little palette. Each shade was smooth, pigmented, blended easily and was just all around good. I do recommend wetting the shimmers (for all of these palettes) for them to look their best. I made the eye look above using every shade from the palette and even though this palette is small, I think it’s possible to get multiple looks from it. This is definitely one that I would take travelling and I highly recommend it!

Smoky Essentials is another favorite. If you like cool toned, blue or silver looks than this is a palette you need. My only complaint is that the shades can muddy together if you’re not very careful but that’s probably due to my lack of talent, lol. I made the eye look above using every shade in the palette. I recommend this palette.

Last but not least is Plum Basics. I really like this one as well but not quite as much as the other two. Not every shade in this was a total winner for me. The small pink/white shade on the upper right side is pure trash. It has GIANT flecks of glitter in it. I tried to use it as an inner corner highlight and the glitter got in my eye. Besides that, all the shades perform perfectly. I will say, however, they swatch terribly. They feel so dry and crumbly but I was pleasantly surprised by how they performed on the eyes. I did the eye look above using every shade in the palette. I do recommend this one just not quite as much as the other two.

That is everything for this Milani haul! You can get Milani a little cheaper at Walmart but Walmart often does not have everything the website does. I use the code ‘Trendmood’ when I order from the Milani website and it saves me 15%. That is not my code, it is one I found on Instagram and there may be other codes out there. Have you tried any of this? What should I try next? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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  1. Ana

    I have a matte lipstick from Milani and I really like it. It is a dark red shade. I do not think that it feels dry on the lips and I love its packaging which is a golden tube.

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