NYX Haul of New & Old Products with Full Reviews!

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I love NYX Cosmetics so much, obviously, and today I have another huge haul with reviews. Three of these products were sent to me from NYX for review and I’ll specify which ones when I get to them. I’m going to break these reviews into categories because I think that’ll be the simplest way to do it. Let’s start with face products!


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  • HD Concealer in Color Correcting Yellow– This is $5.99 and I wanted to try it because I love the formula. I was hoping the yellow would help brighten my dark circles but sadly, it did nothing for me. It might work for you if you have lighter circles.
  • Color Correcting Powder in Yellow– This powder is $10.00 and so not worth that. Again, I bought this to help with my dark circles. Not only did it not work for that, it’s such a thick powder that it made my undereyes look cakey and dried out.
  • Dewy Setting Spray– This setting spray is $8.49 for 2.03 ounces. I got this for free with an Ulta order and it’s not a bad setting spray, it’s just not worth the price. I recommend the e.l.f. setting spray that is $6.00 for 4.01 ounces.


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  • Epic Ink Liner– This liner is $8.99 but it was sent to me for free by NYX for review. This is a very popular eyeliner so I was excited to receive it but I really didn’t like it. I don’t wear eyeliner often and this just wasn’t beginner friendly. I felt that the tip was too flexible which made it messy to apply and the formula was too wet and runny. Again, I might not have liked it because I’m inexperienced with this type of eyeliner but it’s just not a favorite.
  • Worth the Hype Waterproof Mascara–  This mascara is $7.99 and was another product sent to me by NYX. This mascara was just fine. I didn’t love it or hate it. The wand does a good job separating and lifting the lashes. This is also waterproof but not hard to remove. However, this isn’t the blackest mascara I’ve tried and it has a strong chemical smell. I would rather use a $3.00 e.l.f. mascara.
  • Hot Singles Eyeshadow & Prismatic Eyeshadows–  I bought a Hot Singles Eyeshadow, $4.49, in the shade After Party and two Prismatic Eyeshadows, $5.99, in the shades Bewitched and Savage. NYX’s single shadow formula is hands down the best eyeshadow formula they have. These are excellent quality but a little pricey for just one shadow. They are definitely worth it if you can get them on sale, which you can frequently at Ulta. After Party is a satin taupe/olive green shade, this can be sheered out to look matte. Bewitched is a shimmery olive green and Savage is a shimmery deep turquoise with black undertones. You can click through the pictures to see them better. In the green look I used After Party in the crease and Bewitched on the lid. In the blue look I used Savage all over the lid. These are stunning and I highly recommend them.


thumbnail (16).jpg
From left to right: Brunch Me, Cold Brew and Moonwalk
  • Suede Matte Lipsticks– These lipsticks are new to NYX and are $7.99 apiece. I have the shades Brunch Me, Cold Brew and Moonwalk. Brunch Me was sent to me from NYX and is a peachy/nude. Cold Brew is a cool toned true brown and Moonwalk is cool toned greige. I love these lipsticks. They are some of the best I’ve tried from NYX. They are a very comfortable matte but because they’re so comfortable they’re not the longest lasting. These are not kiss, drink or food proof but they do reapply well. I recommend these.
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Left to right: Camel and Spiced Spell
  • Slip Tease Lip Lacquer– These are another new formula for NYX and are $6.99 apiece. I have the shades Camel, deep orange, and Spiced Spell, deep wine/berry. I love how opaque, comfortable and not sticky these are. They also have a wonderful applicator and are super easy to apply and touch up. These do have a few cons, however. This formula tends to want to travel out of the lip line. It’s also very easy to get these on your teeth and your hair will stick in them so be cautious wearing these in windy weather. The lids do not want to stay screwed on and product will sometimes leak out so be cautious if carrying these in a bag. Overall, I love the shades I bought for fall but I don’t feel the need to buy every shade because they are kind of a hassle.
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Left to right: Rocky Road and Blueberry Tart
  • Intense Butter Glosses– I’ve reviewed the Intense Butter Glosses before but they are $6.49 apiece. I picked up the shades Rocky Road, a deep red/brown, and Blueberry Tart, a deep purple. These are excellent glosses. They’re very comfortable and not sticky at all. I highly recommend them.
thumbnail (22).jpg
Up the Bass
  • Matte Lipstick– I’ve reviewed NYX’s basic Matte Lipsticks before but they are $5.99 apiece. I bought the shade Up the Bass, a cool toned smokey purple. These lipsticks are a good basic matte formula. They’re pretty comfortable and very easy to reapply but they’re not the longest lasting. I recommend them.
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Left to right: Beam and Rags to Riches
  • Turnt Up! Lipsticks– I have also reviewed this formula before but they are $6.50 apiece. I bought the shades Beam, pink/peach, and Rags to Riches, deep salmon. I like this formula but it is not worth the full price. They’re not the easiest to apply because of the shape and while comfortable, they’re not long lasting at all. I recommend them if you can get them on sale.

That is everything in my latest massive NYX haul! Last week I also reviewed their new Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation so check that out if you’re curious about it. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or are wanting to! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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