NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

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This foundation shade almost matches my white rug 😀

I had high hopes for NYX’s newest foundation release, the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation, but sadly this just didn’t work for me. This foundation is $14.99 and mine is in the lightest shade, Pale. This shade is described as white ivory with a yellow undertone and I agree with that. This is actually too light for me and I should have bought the next shade up, Light Porcelain. This foundation contains the standard amount of product, 1 fluid ounce. This is a matte foundation. My skin is combination that tends to be more dry with acne and scarring. I knew this might not work for me because it is a matte foundation and my skin is usually dry but I thought I could make it work with a hydrating primer. The fact that this is a matte foundation actually isn’t the only reason why it didn’t work for me but I’ll get into that more below. I’ll list out all the pros and cons of this foundation and then show you different pictures of it on me.


  • This foundation range has a whopping 45 different shades with different undertones.
  • This foundation wears very well in heat and humidity.
  • This could be a pro or a con depending on your skin type, but this is a matte finish foundation so it’ll be a better choice for those with oilier skin.
  • This is non-comedogenic which makes it perfect for those of us with acne.
  • This sets to a smooth, powder like finish that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.
  • This foundation looks beautiful on pores.
  • No noticeable scent.
  • I didn’t notice this foundation oxidizing.


  • This foundation claims to be full coverage but that is laughable. This would only be full coverage to someone with nothing to cover.
  • This sinks into fine lines and undereye bags like crazy. This also happens almost immediately, not after hours of wear.
  • If you have any dry patches of skin this will cling to it terribly. This also doesn’t sit well on acne. I used a hydrating primer alone, a thick moisturizer alone and then both of those together and this still looked terrible on my skin.
  • This caked up around my nostrils no matter what I did.
  • This sets very fast so you have to blend it quickly and it’s very hard to blend.
  • The only way this looked halfway decent was if I wore a thick moisturizer, hydrating primer, blended it quickly with a wet sponge and then used my fingers to go over it. I didn’t like the way it looked with just a sponge and it looked terrible with a brush.
  • The oils on my nose broke through after just a few hours so if you have very oily skin this might not work well for you.
  • As I said above, I bought the lightest shade and it was a little too light for me. That was my fault, of course, not the foundations but if you are lighter than me with a cool undertone this foundation won’t match you.

The top row of pictures is me with no makeup and the bottom row is me with one layer of the foundation. You can click on the pictures to see them better. I think it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t full coverage.

The top row of pictures was taken on a day when this foundation looked the best. It still wasn’t perfect, you can’t see how it’s clinging to my dry skin, but it was passable. The bottom row from left to right is my makeup at the end of the day and then my makeup in natural daylight. In the first picture on the bottom row you can see how the oil has broken through on my nose, how it’s caked up around my nose and how it’s clinging to my acne. The next two pictures show how not full coverage this foundation is.

As somebody with acne and scarring nothing irritates me more than when something is marketed as full coverage and it ends up being the opposite. I can get better full coverage using the NYX BB Cream with the NYX HD Concealer and the NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation. I can also get full coverage with the e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation and it’s only $6.00, plus it’s also non-comedogenic.

I’m not sure who this foundation would work for. If you have dry skin this is going to be a disaster and it’s also not the best at controlling oil. This might be good for people with perfectly normal skin with no fine lines or anything to cover. I just can’t recommend this when there’s better options out there. Have you tried this foundation? If so, what was your experience? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation Review

  1. Em

    I actually really like the foundation. I have the shade Light Porcelain. I have combination skin, am 30 years old, so I do have fine lines. I used to have acne but I now have it under control, so I only have red marks to cover that are left after my breakouts. I use azelaic acid for my acne, which also exfoliates my skin and helps with the texture, so my skin is now in pretty ok shape overall.

    The foundation looks very matte at first but after a while looks rather satin on my skin, which I like, because it has dimension. It doesn’t set into lines unless I wear it over a sunscreen that tends to do that by itself anyway. I wore this one evening over the Cerave cream and it didn’t settle into any lines, it looked perfect and airbrushed, which I didn’t expect. It doesn’t look cakey, but I also don’t wear a lot of it – I don’t like full coverage, so I apply a lighter layer, because I want a more natural look and don’t mind having my issues coming through the foundation (the red marks, my rosacea veins). With a lighter layer applied, it looks really nice and it stays on well.

    I honestly didn’t expect to like it this much, especially since it’s so matte to begin with, so I was worried it might accentuate my skin texture and fine lines.

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