CoverGirl is Now Cruelty Free! Reviews for the Clean Foundation, Smoothers Concealer, Clean Powder, Eyeshadow Trio & LashBlast Mascara

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I am so, so excited that CoverGirl is now cruelty free! This is huge and hopefully other big brands like Neutrogena and Loreal will follow in their footsteps. CoverGirl makeup is very nostalgic for me because that is literally all I wore before I really got into makeup and went cruelty free. Everything I’m going to review, except for the concealer, is exactly what I wore in high school. The only product I’m missing is their eyeliner, lol. Let’s get into the reviews and see if this stuff has held up over time!

*All CoverGirl products are cheaper at WalMart and other drugstores than they are at Ulta. I will be giving the Ulta prices but the price may vary depending on where you purchase them.

Clean Foundation

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The left swatch is fresh and the right swatch dried for about five minutes. There is slight oxidation.


  • You get 1 fluid ounce of product for $7.49.
  • This foundation is best suited for normal skin. My skin is combination that tends to be more dry but for the most part this worked fine for me. I did need to make sure I moisturized well when I used this.
  • This is a clean foundation that is water based and won’t clog pores. This means that you will need to use a water based primer, not silicone. I tried my silicone based ones with it and it caused the foundation to clump up. My Hard Candy Coconut Water Primer Stick worked best. I have not reviewed this primer yet but it can be found at WalMart for around $5.00 or e.l.f. Cosmetics has something similar.
  • This contains Noxzema which is good for acne. Noxzema smells like eucalyptus and that’s what this foundation smells like. I like the smell and it does dissipate once on the skin.
  • This foundation comes in a sturdy glass bottle.
  • I have NEVER had a foundation look so beautiful on my pores. It made them practically disappear.
  • This foundation has a satin/natural skin finish.
  • I did not notice this breaking apart throughout the day.
  • This feels very lightweight on the skin and is non-irritating.


  • Terrible, terrible shade range. There is twelve shades and I bought the lightest one, Ivory. This has a peachy undertone which is not right for me; I need something with a neutral/yellow undertone. I’m able to make it work but in the future I’ll probably use a white lightener with it.
  • The bottle does not have a pump so you have to just pour it out. This is super messy and inconvenient.
  • This foundation does oxidize but I wouldn’t say it’s a ridiculous amount.
  • The coverage, for me, is terrible. This is definitely a low/low medium coverage foundation. You can build it up but the formula is so watery that it really doesn’t help.
  • My skin is drier than usual right now and this CLINGS terribly to all dry patches. To be fair, however, it is for normal skin types and doesn’t claim to be for dry skin.
  • This sinks into fine lines.
  • This foundation is very finicky and will break apart if you mess with it too much. For example, blending in blush or highlighter can cause the foundation underneath to break apart if you don’t use a super light hand.

You can click on each picture to see it better. The first two pictures on the top row is no makeup, the next two is with one layer of foundation and the final two is with my makeup finished. I used the Smoothers Concealer on top of the foundation and my acne is still very clearly visible.

There are things I really love about this foundation, mainly how it looks on my pores and that it’s non comedogenic. I really hate the shade and coverage, though. This is definitely not the worst foundation I’ve tried. I actually like it more than the $34.00 BareMinerals Foundation I recently reviewed. I really appreciate that CoverGirl didn’t make false claims about this foundation like so many do. It claims to be a clean, lightweight foundation for normal skin and that’s exactly what it is. Overall, I like it and can make it work but I highly doubt I’ll repurchase it.

Smoothers Concealer

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The lightest shade, Fair.


  • You get 0.14 ounces of product for $7.99.
  • This concealer is packaged in a convenient, solid lipstick type form. This would be perfect for travel, especially flying, because it’s a solid.
  • It’s fragrance free and non comedogenic.
  • It contains ginseng, chamomile and vitamin E.
  • This is a super hydrating formula. I have loved using this with my dry skin! Anywhere that the foundation would cling to I would go over with this concealer and it would look so much better.
  • This is super creamy and blends easily.
  • It has a peachy undertone to it that adds a lot of brightness to the face and especially the under eyes.
  • This looks beautiful under my eyes and didn’t crease anymore than other concealers.


  • Terrible shade range once again. This is available in a whopping three shades. I have the lightest shade, Fair.
  • The coverage for this isn’t great. Even with the foundation my acne and redness was still clearly visible.

I love using this concealer under my eyes and to hydrate dry patches on my face but it really does nothing to cover my acne. I will continue to use it, though, because I really like the formula for those specific things.

Professional Loose Powder

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  • You get 0.7 ounces of product for $6.49.
  • This is available in three translucent shades. I have the lightest shade, Translucent Fair. This is not visible on the skin at all.
  • This does come with a sifter and puff but I removed mine.
  • This also contains Noxzema and smells like the foundation.
  • It is non comedogenic.
  • This works perfectly to control shine on my combo/dry skin all day.
  • This does not look cakey or powdery on the skin.

I have no cons for this powder! I love this stuff and will continue to use it.

Eye Enhancers 3 Kit Shadows



  • This is a trio of eyeshadows for $5.99.
  • These trios are available in three different color combos. I bought Shimmering Sands which contains three neutral shades: brown, taupe and a creamy pink.
  • All three shades are creamy, have little fallout and blend easily.
  • This is a perfect size palette to travel with.
  • You can get a super easy and quick look just using these three shadows. Above I used the brown shade in my crease, the taupe shade on my lid and the creamy pink on the lowest part of my lid and inner corner.


  • There are no mattes in this trio. They are all satin finishes.
  • These can be built up but they are not the most pigmented.

I love this trio and will continue to use it but I don’t think it would be ideal for everyone.

LashBlast Volume Mascara

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  • This mascara is $8.99.
  • This is available in three different shades, mine is the shade Very Black.
  • I have no issues with clumping or flaking with this mascara.
  • It does not bother my eyes in any way.
  • This really helps my lashes to look fuller because it does an excellent job of separating and fluffing the lashes.


  • I don’t feel this mascara helps to lengthen or curl my lashes at all.
  • The wand is way too big for my eyes. I much prefer my e.l.f. mascara wands.

This isn’t a bad mascara, it’s just not my favorite. I prefer any from e.l.f. over this one because they’re only $3.00 and the wands are much easier to use.


My finished makeup on different days using all of these products except for the eyeshadows.

Overall, there were some hits and some misses. I’m just so excited to have another affordable, easily accessible and cruelty free makeup line to explore! CoverGirl has many, many more products I want to try. Please let me know what you think about what I tried out and what you would like to see me review in the future! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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