Book Review for “Eubeltic Descent” by Nadine Keels


*This book was sent to me for review purposes by the author. All opinions are my own.

I absolutely love when indie authors contact me about reviewing their books because I have discovered so many great stories that I would have never known about otherwise. One of those books is Eubeltic Descent by Nadine Keels. This story is book one of a historical fantasy series. It’s also a spin off series, the original is called The Movement of Crowns. I have not read the original series but it’s not necessary to understand and enjoy this book. I’m going to tell you the synopsis, my thoughts and then all of Nadine Keels’ information. This review will be spoiler free.


Your soul will remember… 

As a woman who wasn’t born to wealth or privilege, Abigaia has mastered the art of thievery. And she’s come to hate it. Not only is she plagued by guilt, but her shadowed upbringing and silent ways cause most of her town to question her sanity.

Yet, Abigaia’s eccentric father always taught her to be proud of her heritage. Her ancestry lies across the sea, in a prominent realm she’s read about but has never seen.

The man who desires Abigaia’s hand in marriage doesn’t share her hope of seeing the Eubeltic Realm. But disaster erupts in their path, and Abigaia’s dream may have a greater purpose—if that famed domain of her ancestors is now in crucial need of her.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. It’s considered historical fantasy with some Christian aspects and I agree with that. It isn’t really fantasy as far as magic or things like that go, at least not in this book, but it does take place in the fictional (fantasy) world of the Eubeltic Realm. Keels’ does an excellent job of unique world building and creating characters with diverse heritages. Abigaia is an excellent main character, who is also mute. This is the first book I’ve read where the main character uses sign language to communicate. Sign language and the hearing/speaking impaired community play a large role in this book and I think it’s extremely well done. This does have some romance in it but it is a clean story that will be suitable for all readers. It’s also a very quick read, more like a novella in my opinion. My only possible critique is I have no idea what the time period for this book is. This isn’t really important and it’s also something that might be explained in the prequel series but I just never could get a grasp on the time period. It’s a historical setting with no modern technology but they do have pistols. Again, this really isn’t important to the story but it’s just something I happened to notice. The book ended on a bit of a cliff hanger and I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

If you’re looking for a quick read set in a fictional world with a historical feel to it then I highly recommend this book. I do plan to read the prequel series and the sequel. However, I’m not sure when the sequel will be released but hopefully it will be soon. Nadine Keels also has many other books that you can check out using the links below. Let me know if this book sounds interesting to you! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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