e.l.f. Haul with Full Reviews: Poreless Putty Primer, Sheer Blurring Under Eye Primer,Coco Glow Highlighter & a Ton of Lipsticks

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You all are going to be seeing a good bit of e.l.f. Cosmetics over the next two months because I took advantage of their recent sales. Some of this stuff is products I’ve had for a very long time but for some reason never did an in depth review of. Let’s get into it!


  • Poreless Putty Primer ($8.00)– This is one of e.l.f.’s newest primers. You get 0.74 ounces of product and it’s supposed to hold onto makeup, fill in pores and just generally smooth the skin. This honestly did nothing for me. There’s very few primers that I notice a true difference when I use them and sadly, this isn’t one of them. It felt good on my skin and didn’t affect my makeup negatively but it didn’t fill in pores or fine lines. I will use this up but won’t repurchase.
  • Sheer Blurring Under Eye Primer ($5.00)– This is another new release. You get 0.07 ounces of products which is not much at all. This primer is supposed to smooth fine lines and puffiness using hyaluronic acid. The only difference this made to my under eye was it helped to brighten because of its light pink color. Again, like the Poreless Putty Primer, it just really didn’t do anything noticeable for my makeup. I’ll use it up but won’t repurchase.
  • Illuminating Face Primer ($6.00)– This primer contains 0.47 ounces of product. It’s basically a silicone primer with a ton of gold glitter in it. It does help to somewhat fill in fine lines and pores but once you apply your foundation any illumination is covered up. I’ll use this up but won’t repurchase.


  • Coco Glow Highlighter ($6.00)– This is one of e.l.f.’s newest highlighters. It’s available in three shades and I have the shade Moonlight, a white/champagne. The texture of this is very unique. It feels wet and squishy but it’s not a cream. This highlighter is absolutely beautiful. It looks perfect applied with a brush, finger or wet sponge. It is infused with coconut and smells lightly of coconuts. I can not recommend this highlighter enough and I’ve been using mine like crazy.

Lip Lacquer

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*For some reason e.l.f. has removed all but one of these (Tea Rose) from the website as of 12/28 when I’m writing this. I don’t know if they plan to bring them back and I’m sure you can find these in store so I still wanted to mention them.

  • Lip Lacquers ($2.00)– e.l.f.’s Lip Lacquers are one of my all time favorite lip gloss formulas. They’re not sticky and last a decent amount of time to be a gloss. I definitely recommend them. In the picture above from top to bottom: Praline, Tea Rose, Bold Pink and Wine. I also have the clear one but it’s clear, obviously, so I didn’t include it.

Velvet Matte Lipstick

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  • Velvet Matte Lipstick ($3.00)– The Velvet Matte lipstick formula is a good, basic formula. It’s not really matte, which you can tell in the pictures above. I would consider this to be more of a satin formula. These are very comfortable and I do recommend them, however, they’re not that long lasting. In the picture above from top to bottom: Bold Berry, Berry Bordeaux and Dark Brown.

Moisturizing Lipstick

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  • Moisturizing Lipstick ($3.00)– This formula is basically the same as the Velvet Matte but it’s a tad bit creamier. These have a vanilla scent which I love. These last an even shorter amount of time than the Velvet Matte but I do recommend them as a basic cream lipstick. In the picture above from top to bottom: Rosy Go Round, Ravishing Rose, Crazy Cranberry and Orange Dream.

Studio Matte Lip Color

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  • Studio Matte Lip Color ($3.00)– These lipsticks are hands down my favorites from e.l.f. They are a true matte formula. They’re very comfortable and easy to apply thanks to their pencil shape. They’re not the longest lasting, however, but I highly recommend them. In the picture above from top to bottom: Tea Rose, Dash of Pink, Berry Sorbet, Mulberry Maven, Wine, Rich Red, Rowdy Rouge and Praline. I recommend Praline the most.

That is everything for this haul but as I said, there will be much more from e.l.f. in the coming weeks. I hope this was helpful to you. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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