BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette Review

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I absolutely love the BH Cosmetics Spotlight Highlighter Palette so when their Blacklight Highlighter Palette went on sale before Christmas, I snapped it up. It’s filled with six iridescent, pastel highlights. It’s $18.00 when full price, so that’s $3.00 per highlighter and it goes on sale often. You get a TON of product in this, 1.37 ounces/39 grams. If you’ve been looking for some fun and whimsical highlighters just keep reading to see if this palette is worth it!

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I have really been enjoying this palette but I don’t love it quite as much as the Spotlight Highlighter Palette. The highlighters included are beautiful but they’re just not what I wanted them to be. They’re all very powdery and slightly chunky, especially Electra. I can work with that but it’s just annoying. They all have a white base and are very pastel, which is fine, just don’t expect an intense color pay off. You can build these up but depending on your skin tone they might not be as pigmented as you want. I was particularly disappointed in the highlight called Laser. I was hoping it would be an intense green but it’s very subtle. None of the highlighters have chunky glitter, they all last a full day and none draw attention to texture anymore than any other powder highlighter.

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Left to right: Electra, Laser, Kween, Strobe, On Point & Illusion
  • Electra is mostly white with a slight yellow/gold shift.
  • Laser is white with a minty green shift.
  • Kween has a white base with a strong icy blue shift. This is one of the more pigmented highlights in the palette.
  • Strobe is basically solid white with possibly a little silver shimmer.
  • On Point has a white base with a deep pink shift. This is one of the more pigmented highlights in the palette.
  • Illusion has a white base with a lavender shift. This one isn’t especially pigmented but it is beautiful on my skintone and probably my favorite of the palette.

I didn’t take pictures of each highlighter on my face because I honestly don’t feel you could see much of a difference unless I REALLY built them up or if I was moving in the direct light. Overall, I do recommend this palette. It’s a good formula at a fantastic price. If you’re interested in my favorite single/duo colorful highlighters, you can check out this post. I’d love to know what you think about this palette or what your favorite unique highlighters are! Thanks for reading and have a great day!



8 thoughts on “BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette Review

  1. I always wondered if I would enjoy highlighters like this that have different color tints to them. On one hand, if they’re not very noticeable then it’s a good thing, but at the same time then what’s the point? Great review though, glad to know you think they are worth it!

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