Blog Tour & Book Review for “My Husband’s Wives” by Faith Hogan

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*This book was sent to me for review purposes by Aria Fiction. All opinions are my own. 

Faith Hogan is not a new author to me. I’ve reviewed two of her previous books, The Girl I Used to Know and What Happened to Us?. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those so I was more than happy to take part in the blog tour for her newest release, My Husband’s Wives. I’m going to give you all the information you need to know, such as where to purchase this book and what it’s all about, and then my review will be at the bottom! This review will be spoiler free.


Is it better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved?

Paul Starr, Ireland’s leading cardiologist, has died in a car crash with a pregnant young woman by his side. A woman who is not his wife. Evie, Grace and Annalise never thought they’d meet, but now they have to uncover the truth of their pasts. And suddenly they find themselves united by a man they never really knew at all.

As these women begin to form unlikely friendships they discover that Paul’s death could prove to be the catalyst they needed to become the people they always wanted to be…

A heart-warming story of love, loss, family and friendship. A compelling debut for fans of Sheila O’Flannigan, Veronica Henry and Jane Fallon.

About the Author

Faith lives in the west of Ireland with her husband, four children and two very fussy cats. She has an Hons Degree in English Literature and Psychology, has worked as a fashion model and in the intellectual disability and mental health sector.

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My Thoughts

Paul Starr is a man of mystery with some excellent time management skills. He’s managed to love three, possibly four, different women while remaining in all of their lives to some extent. When he passes away, all of the women realize that “their” Paul was never fully theirs and that he’s left behind a tangled web of secrets.

Hogan is an excellent writer and that prevails in this novel. While I wouldn’t say this story is technically a mystery, more chick lit, there is an air of mystery throughout. It compels you to keep reading so you can find out just who Paul was. In my opinion, Paul was a sleazy bigamist, but the women he left behind somehow don’t view him like that. They manage to remember the good in him and it helps them become better people, and surprisingly, even friends.

This book does deal with some heavier topics, such as cheating and death, but it’s still what I consider a light read. If you’re a fan of the chick lit genre and are looking for a read with some drama, you should check this book out. I’d love to know if this sounds like a story you’d be interested in! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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