Colourpop You Had Me At Hello Palette Review

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If you’ve been a follower of my blog, you might remember that I reviewed the You Had Me At Hello Palette from Colourpop over a year ago. At that time, I really didn’t like this palette and recently I had decided to declutter it from my collection. Before I decluttered it, however, I wanted to give it one more chance to impress me and wow, I am so glad I did. My thoughts changed so much that I just deleted my old review and decided to do a new one. I’m actually planning to do this with a lot of my old palettes because as I’ve gotten more skilled and knowledgeable with makeup some of my opinions have changed. This palette is $18.00 for twelve shades; six mattes and six shimmers. Now let’s get into all the pros, cons, swatches and looks!

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  • This palette is a neutral lovers dream. It’s filled with true neutrals, not too warm and not too cool. You have gold, taupe, berry, mauve and brown shades.
  • The shimmers are gorgeous but best perform wet.
  • The mattes blend easily.
  • This palette has sturdy, cardboard packaging with a magnetic closure and mirror.
  • The shimmer to matte ratio is perfect for creating a wide variety of looks.
  • Every eyeshadow is pigmented.
  • The colors look very muted in the pan but apply to the eyes with more vibrancy.


  • The shimmers have a ton of fallout if not used wet.
  • The formula is good but I don’t feel it’s worth $18.00. You’re paying more because this palette has a mirror, which does not matter to me at all.
  • This isn’t the most inspiring or exciting color story. Obviously, that won’t matter to some people but this might be a color story you already have in your collection.


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In order from top to bottom/ left to right: The Knot (metallic cool-toned ivory)
Moon Struck (metallic soft gold)
Two Peas (matte peachy beige)
Candygram (metallic pinky red with gold duochrome)
Winning Ticket (matte dusty mauve pink)
FBO (metallic pink violet)
Look-See (matte cool-toned plum)
Fool’s Rush (metallic golden bronze)
Pulling Strings (matte warm saddle brown)
Want U Back (matte dusty mauve brown)
DTR (metallic silvery taupe)
Sparks Fly (matte deep plummy brown)

Eyeshadow Looks

I used only this palette to create these looks except for a cream eyeshadow that I used to set my primer. I will go in the order of the swatches on my hand, left to right and top to bottom. You can click on each picture to see it better.


This palette has some gorgeous rosey-berry tones.

  1. I applied Winning Ticket in the crease.
  2. I deepened the crease with Want U Back.
  3. I applied FBO from the outermost part of the lid to around the middle.
  4. I applied Candygram from the middle of the lid to the innermost part.
  5. I applied The Knot in the inner corner.
  6. I lined my lower lash line with Sparks Fly and smudged Want U Back underneath it.


This look took maybe ten minutes to do. It was just effortless but still beautiful.

  1. I applied Two Peas in the crease.
  2. I deepened the crease with Pulling Strings.
  3. I applied Fool’s Rush over most of the lid.
  4. I applied Moon Struck on the innermost part of the lid and mixed into Fool’s Rush.
  5. I applied The Knot in the inner corner.
  6. I lined my lower lash line with Sparks Fly.


I absolutely loved this look. It was more cool toned with plums and taupes.

  1. I applied Look See all in the crease.
  2. I applied DTR all over the lid.
  3. I applied The Knot in the inner corner.
  4. I lined my lower lash line with Sparks Fly.

I am so happy that I gave this palette a second chance. I’m not sure why I like it so much more now than I did before but makeup tastes change and skills improve. I’d love to know if this is a palette you’re interested in! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Colourpop You Had Me At Hello Palette Review

  1. I’ve been eyeing this palette for such a long time! The shades are gorgeous! Thanks so much for your genuinely honest review. I love how you laid out the pros and cos and found this so helpful. Your eyeshadow looks are so well blended and I love the shades you chose! xoxo

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