Catrice Blush Box in Glistening Pink & Waterproof Mattifying Powder Review


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Catrice makes some very good products but I’ve been most impressed with their waterproof line. I’ve reviewed their Waterproof Mix In Drops before and was amazed at how well they worked! In the summer I like to try out anything that claims to be waterproof because not only am I sweating more, my skin is oilier as well. I picked up the Blush Box in the shade Glistening Pink and the Prime and Fine Mattifying Waterproof Powder. Both of these products claim to be waterproof but are they really?

Blush Box

The Blush Boxes are $6.00 apiece and mine is in the shade Glistening Pink; a light pink with slightly peachy undertones and very fine golden shimmer. This blush claims to be sweat and waterproof. This is an EXCELLENT blush formula. When I’m testing out waterproof makeup, I usually swatch it on my hand and see how it does under a faucet at full blast. This blush barely moved. It might have slightly faded but nothing you would really notice. It went onto my cheeks smoothly and was actually more pigmented than I expected but it was easy to blend out. I’m wearing it in the picture above on my face and in my crease. Side note, but the eyeshadow on my lid is also waterproof! It’s a single shadow called MerKitty from the indie brand Kitten Boss Cosmetics. I’ll be reviewing some of their stuff next month. Now, back to the blush. If you can’t tell, I think this blush is a summer must have if you’re going to be sweating, swimming or just want a good blush.

Waterproof Mattifying Powder

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The Waterproof Mattifying Powder is $7.49 and only comes in the shade Transparent. I’m not quite as in love with this as I am with the blush. It also claims to be waterproof and while I do think it holds up better than most powders, it’s not totally waterproof. Only a very light layer of powder was left on my hand after the faucet test, however, most powders would have been completely gone. My main issue with this powder is I feel like I really have to dig into the pan to get enough product on my sponge or brush. I also feel like it takes a lot of product to fully set my entire face. I’ve already hit pan on this after only using it for a few weeks and that has never happened before. I think this powder is good quality but I will probably only use it for touch ups and not setting my whole face, unless I’m planning to go swimming. I really just prefer a loose powder but I recommend this if it sounds like something you would like.

That’s all the new goodies I have from Catrice for now. Are these products something you’d like to try? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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