Book Review for “Embracing the Outcast” by Nadine C. Keels

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*This book was sent to me for review purposes by the author. All opinions are my own.

I am always so excited to review Nadine C. Keels’ newest book releases. She is a very talented writer and I would honestly be surprised if I didn’t enjoy one of her stories. I’ve reviewed two of her previous works, Eubeltic Descent and Reviving the Commander. The book I’m reviewing today, Embracing the Outcast, is book two in the Crowns Legacy series and the sequel to Reviving the Commander. I do recommend you read my review for the first book in the series before this one but this review will be spoiler free so I won’t be giving anything major away. Let’s get into the synopsis and then I’ll let you know all my thoughts!


They can only experience beauty if they dare to behold it…

Now that Princess Eunice of Diachona has come of age, she has much more to study, and a new weight sits on her compassionate shoulders. Her late mother was an admirable ruler, but Eunice can hardly see herself thriving in the political arena. In fact, she doesn’t think many people see her at all, especially not would-be suitors who often bypass quiet Eunice to pursue ladies they find more attractive.
So when Eunice meets a serious, gifted artist who expresses his desire for her company, she isn’t sure if his interest in her is romantic or simply artistic. And why does this young man seem to be as saddened by Eunice as he is drawn to her?

My Thoughts

This book picks up where Reviving the Commander left off with Staid Alexander’s daughter, Eunice. I say this in every review I do for books by this author but her stories are such a unique blend of genres. The genre that they’re in is inspirational historical fantasy. This is not specifically a Christian, historical or fantasy story. Keels has created her own world and time period. There are some Christian undertones but nothing that would be off putting to non-Christians. These books also have a historical and fantasy feel to them but they’re not set in any specific time period or real location. I feel like this allows for a wide variety of readers to enjoy her books.

I went into this book expecting to love it and I was not disappointed. When I first started reading, I assumed it was going to be a light and fluffy romance but I was so wrong. Keels always weaves some kind of drama into her stories but it’s never the typical, romantic drama. There are no love triangles or overused tropes here, just problems that people face in real life. The main character, Eunice, and her love interest, Juwell, don’t instantly fall in love. They have to work at their relationship and overcome some very real obstacles. I much prefer reading about a complicated romance over insta-love.

Another aspect of Keels’ books that I love is the inclusion of characters of many different races and characters with health issues that aren’t common. These aren’t just side characters, but main ones, and I love that kind of representation in fiction. Her books are filled with positivity and that’s something everyone can benefit from.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, I recommend this book. I have linked it up above and it’s available for purchase now. Nadine C. Keels is an indie author that I don’t think you’d regret supporting. I’d love to know if this series sounds like one you’d be interested in! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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