A Super Small Pacifica Haul with Reviews

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Pacifica is a clean and vegan brand that I want to love but don’t buy from often. I tried some of their skincare, thought it was TERRIBLE and just stayed away after that. I happened to notice that the brand was buy one get one half off at Ulta recently so I decided to try some of their other products and see if I liked them more than the facial skincare. I purchased the Cherry Bomb Cherry Cheek Powders and the Coconut Cream Body Souffle. So, were they winners? Keep reading to find out!

Cherry Bomb Cheek Powders

I’m about to make a bold statement but these blushes might just be my favorites out of all the ones I own. The Cherry Bomb Cheek Powders are $18.00 and contain four blushes/highlighters. From top to bottom: Cherry Spirits is a matte rosey pink, Pink Moon is a satin light pink, Fire Lit is a matte neutral rose and Queen of Noise is a satin gold. Pink Moon and Queen of Noise could be used as blushes, blush toppers or highlighters. They’re not shimmery but they have a beautiful glow and I prefer to use them as toppers.

In the picture above on the left, I’m wearing Cherry Spirits topped with Pink Moon and in the picture on the right, I’m wearing Fire Lit topped with Queen of Noise. These blushes are so soft and blendable. They create no kickup or fallout and they last all day. They’re not overly pigmented but they can be built up to an extent. They honestly don’t look that impressive in pictures but they are gorgeous and natural looking in person. These are the kind of blushes you grab when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to spend time blending out clown cheeks. I adore them but they probably wouldn’t work for everyone. If you have a medium to deep skin tone, I don’t think you’d be able to get the kind of pigmentation from these that you would need. If you have a skin tone closer to mine, however, I can’t recommend this blush quad enough.

Coconut Cream Body Souffle

I’m not quite as in love with this product but I do like it. The Coconut Cream Body Souffle is $15.00 for 8.8 ounces of product. It contains coconut, vitamin E, shea butter, vanilla, hemp and other natural ingredients. It has a very light and natural coconut scent that I really enjoy. It doesn’t have a super thin or thick consistency so it’s easy to blend in. It isn’t sticky and it moisturizes well. This lotion might not be the best option for VERY dry skin because it isn’t hydrating enough; I recommend the Tree Hut body butter for that. For just normal dry skin, however, this is a great option.

Pacifica is a great brand for those with skin sensitivities or allergies because of the natural ingredients used and I can see this lotion being a great option for any of you with those issues. For me, I have other lotions that do the same thing at a cheaper price. I recommend this lotion if you’ve been looking for something like it.

Final Thoughts:

Trying these products has made me want to try more from Pacifica. I doubt I’ll ever attempt to use their skincare again but I am very curious about their other makeup products. If you’ve used anything from them that you think I need to try or stay away from, let me know. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “A Super Small Pacifica Haul with Reviews

  1. TheMakeupCase17

    I tried their concealer. I liked the formula but the shade range is AWFUL. Everything was either too light or too dark. I tried 3 different shades and none of them worked for me, so they all went back.

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  2. I’ve mainly purchased face washes/masks from Pacifica, and I enjoyed them for the most part! I have yet to try their beauty items, but those blushes look amazing! I also love Tree Hut’s body butter! I have very dry skin, so I’ll probably stick with Tree Hut for now instead of trying this coconut cream from Pacifica.

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    1. I tried a face wash and I think a toner or something and they broke me out. I’m sure it was just those certain ones but now I’m scared to try more lol I love the blushes so much. I dont need more but I hope they release more😂 and yeah I’d probably stick with Tree Hut.

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