Australian Gold Tinted Moisturizer Review- A New Holy Grail

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I have been on the hunt for a good BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer for months. I wanted something that I could apply with my fingers in less than five minutes. Some days I’m just not in the mood to wet a sponge and blend foundation, you know? Well guys, I think I found what I have been looking for and that’s the Australian Gold Tinted Moisturizer. This product is a great deal at $16.00 for 3 ounces of product; standard foundations/complexion products typically have 1 ounce of product. Let’s get into all the pros and cons!

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Shade: Fair to Light


  • This tinted moisturizer comes in three shades. That doesn’t sound like a lot but when you rub in the product, it is so lightly tinted that it just blends with your skin. I have the shade fair to light which looks too dark when swatched on my arm but it’s perfect when blended.
  • This product is effortless to blend in. I’m able to quickly apply it with my fingers. It’s truly like a moisturizer.
  • This claims to have a lightweight and matte finish. I agree with that. This is going to be great for those of you with combo/oily skin. However, I also think people with dry skin could enjoy it because it’s not overly matte. My skin type is combination and I get oily in the T-zone.
  • This also claims to be good for sensitive skin, unscented and noncomedogenic. I found all of that to be true. I am acne prone and I had no issues while using this.
  • It has an SPF 50 which is GREAT for a tinted moisturizer. An added bonus is this type of SPF doesn’t burn my eyes. I’m able to apply it on my eyelids and all around the eye area with no issues.
  • It’s packaged in a convenient squeeze tube bottle.
  • The coverage is light and not really buildable. This might be a con for some but it’s what I wanted. You can still see my acne scars and any other blemishes. This just helps to even out my complexion and make me feel more put together.
  • It claims to be water resistant for 80 minutes. This is great BUT I haven’t left my house to test this so I can’t tell you for sure if that claim is true.
  • I didn’t notice this transferring onto anything throughout the day.
  • This product is vegan and reef friendly. It’s also oxybenzone and phthalate free.


  • This will sink into large pores if not smoothed over them. This is an easy issue to fix but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  • I didn’t care for how this wore under concealer and powder. It felt heavy and cakey which is odd because this has such light coverage. I prefer it on its own.
  • Between four to six hours of wear, my natural oils really started to break through. If you have very oily skin, you would probably want to use a mattifying primer and/or powder on top.
  • On the bottle, it claims to be a tinted moisturizer AND a BB Cream. These are two totally different products. This is definitely a tinted moisturizer because a BB Cream usually has more coverage.

The first two pictures on the left are of my skin with no product and the two pictures on the right are of my skin with one layer of the tinted moisturizer. You can still see all of my complexion issues but it gave me a “my skin but better” look.

These three pictures are of different days wearing the product. In the middle picture, I have on concealer and powder. If you zoom in, you can see how cakey it looks and how noticeable my pores are. I definitely recommend wearing this on its own.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re wanting something that you can apply quickly and that will help smooth out your complexion, try this stuff. I really love it, especially paired with my Milani Soft Focus Glow Complexion Enhancer. What is your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB Cream? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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