Makeup I Don’t Have Time For

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I have a fantasy self that wears a full face of makeup at all times. She contours, bronzes, applies flawless liner and tops it all off with a dramatic pair of lashes. Unfortunately, my fantasy self is rarely ever the same as the real me. There’s just some makeup that I simply don’t have time for, or won’t make time for, on a regular basis. Let’s talk about these products and why I rarely use them!

Bronzer & Contour:

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I’ve recently started playing around with bronzer and contour on a more regular basis but I still don’t use either every time I do my makeup. With bronzer, I always end up looking dirty. I have recently discovered some bronzers that work better for me but I’m still figuring it out.

As for contour, I have found shades that work well for me and I feel that I have the cheek bone contour down but all the other areas of the face are still a struggle. I either don’t apply enough or I apply too much. Maybe one day bronzer and contour will be a necessity for me but for now, they’re usually more trouble than they’re worth.

Cream Eyeshadow & Liner

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If I have to apply something with my finger, odds are I’m not going to use it on a regular basis. Cream and liquid eyeshadows fall into this category. I love the look they can give but I hate having to smear them on and then having to attempt to blend them evenly with my finger. They’re way too time consuming and not something I’m going to reach for often.

As for eyeliner, I’m simply bad at applying it and I’ve never found a formula that I love. My eyes are very hooded and deep set so I feel that winged liner looks ridiculous on me. However, I do almost always have my eyes lined BUT I use eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is so much easier to work with and it doesn’t smear or wear away. For the foreseeable future, I’m content with skipping out on these annoying eye products.

False Eyelashes & Glitter Glue

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False eyelashes seriously intimidate me. To be totally honest, I’ve never even tried to wear them. I bought one pair on sale a few years ago and haven’t been motivated enough yet to use them. I do have small eyes and wear glasses so I feel that lashes may be a little too much for me but who knows? Maybe one day I’ll try them.

The reason I don’t use glitter glue and by default, glitter, is pretty simple, I’m lazy. I rarely ever use glitter and if I do, I just wet it and pat it on. If it won’t stick by doing that, I don’t use it.

Final Thoughts:

All of these products need more love and I’m going to try to use them more. Let me know what makeup you don’t have time for and why! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Makeup I Don’t Have Time For

  1. I feel exactly the same about all of these products – I don’t think I have ever successfully contoured! As for false lashes, I’ll spend an hour blending out my eyeshadow and then absolutely destroy it by getting glue everywhere, so I tend to avoid! Great post! xx

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