May Wrap Up!


Another month of this “interesting” year is over. I can’t say that I’m excited for June because I loathe summer. However, I’m planning some new things for the blog that I am excited about. Let’s talk about all of it!


There are so many books I want to read right now that I just can’t get through them fast enough. I’m starting the month out with some nonfiction, Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman. I was really excited to start this book but now that I have, I’m finding it hard to get into. I hope the story picks up soon. After that, I’m planning to review the prequel to Death Troopers, Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber. I enjoyed Death Troopers much more than I expected to and I hope Red Harvest is just as good. I’ll also be reviewing Kiss and ‘Telle? by Nadince C. Keels at some point this month. I love her books and she was kind enough to send me this one. I think it’s pretty obvious by this selection of books that my reading tastes are all over the place, lol. 

Makeup & Skincare:

I’m planning to start the month out with reviews for some Milani products and the Nude Bliss Palette from Profusion Cosmetics. I know that many people aren’t really focused on buying new makeup right now so I would love to know what other types of makeup related posts you’d want to see. 


In case you missed last Friday’s post, I’ve decided to make a few changes around here. For around the past year and a half, the last Friday of every month was dedicated to a video game review and a makeup look inspired by that game. It was fun and I enjoyed doing it but it started to become more of a chore for me. My video game reviews also received the lowest amount of views. If you guys aren’t enjoying them and I’m not enjoying them, there’s no point in doing them. 

I’ve decided to replace the video game reviews with lifestyle content. I’m wanting to basically create posts about everything that’s relevant to my life right now, such as: recipes, fertility/PCOs, organization and cleaning tips. These posts will probably go up a few times a month. This blog will always be focused on books and beauty but we’ll just say that beauty now covers everything that makes life beautiful, lol. I would love to know how you feel about this and what types of posts you’d like to see. 

Thank you!

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I hit another milestone on here and reached 713 followers! 1,000 gets closer and closer everyday, thanks to all of you. If you’d like, you can follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreads or Pinterest. I hope that June brings only good things for all of us. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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