Milani Haul with Reviews: Ludicrous Lip Glosses, Baked Highlighter & Highlighter Palette

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Milani is a pretty hit or miss brand for me. I either love what I try from them or hate it and there’s really never anything in between. Fortunately, I love all of my recent purchases so let’s talk about them!

-Ludicrous Lip Glosses

The Ludicrous Lip Glosses are $8.99 apiece. They have a wide, flat applicator that comes to a point for easy application. They are scented and smell slightly vanilla-ish but it’s not a strong scent. They have no flavor. Some contain shimmer but they don’t feel gritty on the lips. They each have a high shine finish with a thick but not sticky texture. They’re so thick that they last on the lips longer and transfer less than any other gloss I’ve tried. 

I own five of the thirteen shades: She’s All That 120, Teen Spirit 130, Fanny Pack 140, Whatever 200 and So Fly 210. I’ll show you pictures of each gloss on my lips and review them individually. 

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She’s All That is a peachy nude with subtle gold and pink shimmer. It’s slightly lighter in tone than Whatever but the two are close enough that I really don’t think you need both. I prefer Whatever because it’s more pigmented and contains more shimmer but all of these glosses have the same fantastic formula. 


Teen Spirit is a neutral pink nude with no shimmer. I love the color of this gloss but I like it the least because it really settles into my lip lines and I have to blot it. I have to work with it even more than the deeper ones but it’s beautiful once blended over my lip lines.

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Fanny Pack is a bubblegum pink with no shimmer. I’m not a fan of bright pinks but this shade looks natural and rosy on my lips.

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Whatever is a nude with blue and gold shimmer. It’s been my go to because I love how it gives me a “my lips but better” color with a ton of shimmer.

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So Fly is a brown with a warm reddish undertone and no shimmer. This is another favorite for me. I love shades like this.

These glosses are my absolute favorites. I really hope Milani releases more shades and if they do, I will probably declutter most of my other glosses. This formula is just superior. I don’t think you need to own every shade but I recommend picking up the ones that appeal to you the most. 

-Baked Highlighter

The Baked Highlighters are Milani’s newest highlighter formula and they’re $10.99 apiece. I have the lightest shade, Dolce Pearla, a pearlescent pink. As the name would suggest, this is a baked formula so it’s very smooth but more on the dry side. It does not contain any noticeable glitter and just creates a gorgeous glow on the skin. 

I really like this highlighter but it’s not my absolute favorite. I prefer Milani’s Strobelight Instant Glow Powders, my favorite highlighter formula of all time. The Strobelight Instant Glow Powders are creamier and look beautiful when applied with a brush, finger or sponge. I also love wearing them on my no foundation days. I found that if I tried to wear the Baked Highlighter on my no foundation days, it just looked dry and drew attention to my skin texture. I don’t regret buying this highlighter and think most people would really love it but it wouldn’t be my first choice. 

-Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette

The Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette in Holographic Beams is an older release but one I’ve wanted for awhile. It’s $12.99 at full price but it’s been on sale for quite some time so I’m assuming it might be discontinued soon. All three of the highlighters within this trio are the beautiful, creamy Strobelight Instant Glow Powder formula. As I said above, that’s my favorite highlighter formula of all time so I love and recommend this little palette. I’m going to show you each highlighter on my face and review them individually. I’ll be going from left to right in the palette.

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In this picture, I’m wearing the highlighter in Unicorn Dreams. This is a pure pink highlighter that is more on the “wearable” side. 

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In this picture, I’m wearing the highlighter in Make Believe. This is a blue highlighter with a violet shift. Surprisingly, this is my favorite one in the palette. I found that it really brightened my face without looking too blue or violet. It’s one of the best cool toned highlighters that I own.

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In this picture, I’m wearing the highlighter in Other Worldly on my eyes. It’s too dark to be worn alone on my face but I’m sure I could mix it. It’s a beautiful, but not unique, gold.

If you can catch it on sale, this palette is cheaper than just one of the Strobelight Instant Glow Powders but it’s worth it even at full price.

Final Thoughts:

Milani has been releasing some quality products lately and I’m excited to see what they come out with next. I’d love to know if you’re interested in any of these or if you’ve tried them! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

One thought on “Milani Haul with Reviews: Ludicrous Lip Glosses, Baked Highlighter & Highlighter Palette

  1. Carla J. Norris

    I ❤ Milani! I quit buying MAC when they stopped being cruelty-free, and Milani has really helped fill the void for me with their top-notch lipsticks and glosses.
    Of the Ludicrous glosses, I so far own only "Power Suit," which looks scary purple in the tube but is really quite wearable.
    Here's a photo:

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