July Wrap Up!


We are one month closer to this horrible year and summer being finished! July wasn’t terrible for me but I hate summer in general so I’m glad it’s over. Let’s talk about everything I have planned for my birthday month, August. 


I have bought an embarrassing amount of books over the past month BUT I am constantly reading so it evens out. The first book review of August will be for A Touch of Ruin by Scarlett St. Clair, the sequel to A Touch of Darkness. After that, I’m not sure which order I’ll review the other books in. I am EXTREMELY excited for Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, releasing August 4th. I’ll have a review up for it as soon as possible. Then there will be a review for a book that was sent to me, A Game of Wings and Marks by Rebecca Crunden. Last but not least will be reviews for “Rachel’s Eyes” and Luke’s Eyes by Ellen O’ Connell; a short story and novella set in the Wild West. I’ve really been in a reading mood lately so I’ll probably get a few bonus reviews up, as well. 

Makeup & Skincare:

thumbnail (67)

To be honest, I haven’t been in the mood to do makeup. It’s way too hot and time consuming but I am excited about some of the new stuff I have. I’m not sure what reviews I’ll actually do this month but there will probably be an e.l.f. haul and a few eyeshadow palettes. A great way to see products in action and let me know what you want reviewed first is by following my Instagram. Also, let me know what beauty related content, other than reviews, you’d like to see.


thumbnail (68)

I have gotten some great feedback on the lifestyle content and most of that feedback was requests for cleaning related posts. I just did one about making a cleaning schedule and I would love to know what else you guys would like to see. I am working on some posts about meal planning and how to make a guest feel comfortable in your home but other than that, I’m up for any ideas!

Thank you!

I can’t end this wrap up without mentioning that my wonderful husband turned 30 this month! Honestly, the only good thing about summer is both of our birthdays, lol. I also have to mention that my little blog is growing thanks to all of you! I’m now at 755 followers here and you can also follow me on InstagramTwitterFacebookGoodreads or Pinterest. I hope you have a great August! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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