Lorac Lux Diamond Golden Hour Palette Review

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The Lorac Lux Diamond Golden Hour Palette is $35.00 and contains six highlighter shades. As of right now, this is my favorite and most used product of 2020. I recently adopted a newborn so my makeup routine has changed DRASTICALLY. Since I’m now short on time, I’ve been using this palette almost exclusively for my highlighter and eyeshadow. Let’s talk pros and cons!

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  • All of the highlighters in this palette are blinding and smooth. Most highlighters will draw attention to skin texture but these just glide over it, on bare skin and over foundation. Of course, some texture may be highlighted but it’s nothing noticeable.
  • These highlighters can be applied with a finger or a brush. I haven’t really been wearing foundation lately so I will sometimes just use my finger to apply these on my face and eyes. They blend into the skin beautifully no matter how they’re applied.
  • I can wear every shade on my face except for Tulum and St. Tropez. This is not an issue for me because I use them on the eyes but it might be something to consider if you have fair skin and never use highlighter on your eyes.
  • Bali is the only shade that I would consider to be glittery. The rest just give a smooth glow without noticeable glitter. I really like Bali but if you hate glitter, this isn’t the shade for you.
  • The packaging is sturdy cardboard with a mirror and magnetic closure.


  • Bali, while beautiful, does create glitter fallout and it’s the only shade of the six that is starting to get hard pan. This can happen when you use your fingers to apply makeup but this hasn’t been an issue with the other five.


The picture below was taken with flash to really show off the shine of these highlighters. They all have names and shade descriptions on the website so that’s what I will be using. I’ll be going top row to bottom row and left to right.

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  • Kauai– soft golden pearl
  • St. Lucia– soft rose gold
  • Capri– white gold pearl
  • Bali– soft pink pearl
  • Tulum– rose copper pearl
  • St. Tropez– warm bronze pearl

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I’m wearing Kauai on my face, St. Tropez on my lid and Kauai in my inner corner.

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I’m wearing St. Lucia on my face. 

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I’m wearing Capri on my face and Kauai in my inner corner. 

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I’m wearing Bali on my face, Tulum on my lid and Bali in my inner corner. 

Final Thoughts: 

This is one of those rare products that I would recommend at full price, however, Lorac has fantastic sales all the time. I got this palette for around half off and it’s already been well worth the money. I’d love to know what you think about these highlighters! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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