All About My Son’s Christian Dedication!

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Today’s post is going to be a bit different and more lifestyle/religion focused. Typically I would post this as bonus content but life has been crazy and I’m very behind on my “main” stuff so here we are. On March 21st, my son, Isaiah, was dedicated to the Lord. Today I’m going to explain what that is and why, as Protestant Christians, we do it. 

A baby’s dedication is a very simple but meaningful process. For each branch of Christianity and each church, it will look a little different but the basic principles behind it are the same. It is just you, as the parent, bringing your child before the church and promising to raise that child within the Christian faith. During our particular dedication ceremony, our pastor asked us before the congregation if we would raise our child in the faith. He also asked the congregation if they would support us through prayer and by being there for us as we raise our son. After these questions, our extended family joined us at the front of the church where our pastor then prayed for us. 

There are a few different places in the Bible that reference dedicating babies to the Lord but my pastor used verses from 1 Samuel. 1 Samuel tells the story of an infertile woman named Hannah who desperately wants a baby. She promises to dedicate her child to the Lord if He will give her a son. He does and she names him Samuel. You can read Hannah’s story here.

I named my son Samuel Isaiah because Hannah’s story meant so much to me as I was going through infertility. I prayed for a baby for five years and dedicating him back to the One who gave him to me is the least I can do. 

Final Thoughts:

There’s a Youtube channel that I love called My Jewish Mommy Life. It’s operated by a fantastic woman named Marion and while I’m not Jewish, I love her mom content AND her religious content. She’s really inspired me to bring more of that to my own blog. I’m not saying that I’m going to be a full Christian mommy blogger but it is something I would like to do on a more regular basis. I really would love your feedback on this and I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my son’s dedication! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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