Undone Beauty Curator Eye Palette in Soul Review


A few months ago, Ulta added the Undone Beauty brand to their lineup. I hadn’t heard of Undone Beauty before they came to Ulta but they’re a vegan, clean beauty brand that focuses on simple, multi-tasking products. Unlike most clean brands, Undone Beauty is quite affordable and I personally haven’t seen anything over $18.00. I decided to pick up a few different products but soon after trying them, I fell in love with the brand and ended up buying A LOT. Pictured above is almost everything I’ve purchased but for today, let’s focus on the Curator Eye Palette in Soul.

⭐️Some Undone Beauty products are only available at Ulta and others are only available on the Undone Beauty website. This palette is available from both retailers but I’ve linked to the Ulta website.


The Curator Eye Palette in Soul is $14.00. It contains ten shades; one matte, one satin and eight shimmers/metallics. All of the shadows can be used wet or dry. With that, let’s talk pros and cons!


  • If you love shimmery gorgeous shadows, this is the palette for you. The Undone Beauty eyeshadows are my favorite right now, primarily because of their shimmers. Swatches just don’t do them justice.
  • This eyeshadow formula contains castor oil. That makes them not only hydrating but also very creamy and easy to blend.
  • My current makeup style is more of a simple look and this palette is PERFECT for that. All of the shades blend so easily that you can put one on the lid, blend it up into the crease and be done.
  • The satin shade (light creamy pink) and the matte shade (black) are both fantastic. I’ve used the black as liner multiple times and it’s great.
  • I personally love this color story. It’s more muted and simple but I’m inspired by it.
  • The fallout is very minimal; if there’s any at all.


  • I HATE the layout of this palette. The rectangles are big enough for fingers or brushes but you do have to be careful. I would be so much happier if they were spaced but this layout does create a more compact, travel friendly palette.
  • The packaging is cheap plastic that could be easily broken.
  • I did notice creasing with these shadows if I didn’t use a primer. I assume that’s due to the castor oil and more creamy formula.

Swatches & Shade Descriptions:

These eyeshadows do not have names or shade descriptions on the website so I will describe them to the best of my ability. I’ll be going from left to right. This photo was taken with flash to show off the sparkle. 


  • First Left- satin creamy pink
  • Second Left- metallic icy white
  • Third Left- metallic pale gold
  • Fourth Left- metallic baby pink
  • Fifth Left- metallic rosy pink
  • First Right- metallic olive green with gold shimmer
  • Second Right- metallic bronze gold
  • Third Right- muted metallic purple with a pink shift; this shade is almost a satin
  • Fourth Right- metallic pink with blue and pink sparkles
  • Fifth Right- matte black

Eyeshadow Looks:

I created three looks using this palette. I almost always use an eyeshadow primer and set my primer with a cream or white colored shade, which this palette does contain. I will be using the names I gave the shades above to describe which ones I used.

This is the simplest look I created but I think it’s my favorite. I didn’t use an eyeshadow primer this day so I did have some slight creasing.

  1. I applied the Fourth Left shade all over my lid and lightly into my crease.
  2. I applied the Second Left shade in my inner corner and on my brow bone.

This look was so simple and I love the way the colors look together. I did use the new L.A. Girl Shockwave Metallic Liner in Gold Medal on my waterline.

  1. I set my primer with the First Left shade.
  2. I applied the Second Right shade all over my lid.
  3. I applied the Third Left shade in my inner corner and on my brow bone.
  4. I smudged the First Right shade on my lower lash line.

Sorry about the weird lighting in these pictures. I tried to fix it but they still didn’t come out great. The close up eye picture with flash is the best representation of the colors.

  1. I set my primer with the First Left shade.
  2. I applied the Fifth Left shade over the majority of my lid.
  3. I applied the the Fourth Right shade on the outermost part of my lid. I then topped it with the Fifth Left Shade.
  4. I applied the Fourth Left shade in my inner corner and on my brow bone.
  5. I lined my waterline with the Fifth Right shade.
  6. I smudged the Third Right shade on my lower lash line.

Brushes Used:

If you are curious about any of the other products on my face, you can find these looks in my recent posts on Instagram.

Final Thoughts:

I love this palette and this brand. They recently released some quads and I bought a few of those plus a few more palettes… I’m good on eyeshadow for awhile😅 You’ll be seeing many more reviews from this brand so I hope that’s interesting to at least a few of you! Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Undone Beauty and what you thought. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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