Undone Beauty Reviews: Matte Tint, Cream Coverage Palette, Under/Over Powder, Cream Blushes, Nonzer Palette & Bronzer


If you follow me here or on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been trying out a TON of products from Undone Beauty for months. Today I’m finally going to review everything pictured above, except the palettes. I have already reviewed their Curator Eye Palette in Soul and my review for the Curator Eye Palette in Soft will be coming soon. I have a lot to say about this stuff so let’s get into it!

Unfoundation Matte Tint


The Unfoundation Matte Tint is $14.00 for 1.13 ounces of product. It claims to be a light coverage foundation that blurs imperfections and has a matte, natural looking finish. It contains tea tree oil to help with blemish and oil control; it does slightly smell like tea tree oil. It is also gluten and paraben free. It comes in a very travel friendly tube with a screw on lid. It’s available in nine shades and I have the shade Cream Light. I would consider this to be a fair shade with a yellow undertone.


I like this matte tint but it’s not an all time favorite. It is a nice shade match for my skin and has more coverage than I expected it to, light to medium depending on your skin, but it’s not the easiest to work with. When I’m wearing a skin tint, I want to be able to quickly blend it in with my fingers. I could not do that with this one because it never looked even and smooth on my skin. It was a pain to blend out and it really settled into my pores, unless I used a sponge. Using a sponge isn’t a big deal but it’s slightly annoying that I HAVE to for something that should be quick and easy. This tint also doesn’t fully dry down so I had to use powder and while it held up decently well throughout the day, it wasn’t great. It really settles into fine lines, even with powder, and it broke down in my oily areas. Overall, it’s not a bad product. With the right primer, powder, setting spray, etc. it can look really nice but you have to decide if it’s worth the hassle. I will use up my tube but I won’t repurchase it.

The pictures from left to right are: my bare skin, my skin with one layer of the tint, full face using the tint and my makeup at the end of the day.

Conceal to Reveal 3 in 1 Cream Coverage Palette


The Conceal to Reveal 3 in 1 Cream Coverage Palette is $12.00 for 0.32 ounces of product. This concealer palette has three separate sections and each offers a different level of coverage. The top section provides sheer coverage, the middle section provides medium coverage and the bottom section provides total coverage (depending on what you’re covering). The formula has a natural dewy finish and contains coconut extract. There are six shades available and I have it in Cream Light; fair with a yellow undertone.


Unlike the Unfoundation Matte Tint, I really like this product. The shade is a fairly decent match for my skin but it does apply much lighter than it looks in the pan. That makes it great for brightening but not so much for actually concealing under eye darkness. However, it does provide a beautiful natural finish and is super easy to blend with fingers or a sponge. Since it has a more hydrating formula, it does crease quite badly but I was able to manage this by setting it with powder. I do really enjoy having the three different coverage level options and I feel that that makes this concealer a more versatile option. I wouldn’t say this formula is a favorite but I like it and recommend it; especially if you want a hydrating concealer.

Under/Over Powder


The Under/Over Powder is $12.00 for 0.35 ounces of product. It is (supposedly) a lightweight, translucent powder that controls oil and that can work as both primer and setting powder. It also contains Jojoba Extract to help balance the skin. It’s available in three shades and I have it in Light; a  VERY yellow tone.


I truly don’t understand the claims for this powder at all. This is not a translucent, lightweight powder. It is actually quite thick and provides coverage like a powder foundation; if used with a damp sponge. It is extremely yellow toned and only controls oil for MAYBE four or five hours. I say pass on this because there are better, and cheaper, powders out there.

Lip to Cheek Cream Palettes

The Lip to Cheek Cream Palettes are $12.00 and contain 0.12 ounces of product. As the name would suggest, these are cream products that leave behind a dewy finish and can be used on the cheeks or lips. Just like the Cream Coverage Palette, these palettes have three separate sections and each offers a different level of opacity. There are multiple shades available and I own Poppy and Flare. Poppy is a deep pinky red with warm undertones and Flare is a soft coral with cool undertones.

I really love these cream blushes! They apply and blend out very easily with a finger, sponge or brush. It’s super easy to get your perfect level of pigmentation because not only do they blend easily, you also have the ability to choose your opacity level. They have a beautiful dewy finish but they do stay slightly tacky throughout the day, unless set with powder. I haven’t used these on top of powder products so I can’t say for sure if they would mesh well but I’ve had no issues with them on top of foundation. They last throughout the whole day whether on foundation or just bare skin. My only complaint with the formula is I don’t think it’s great on the lips. It’s too dry and the Flare shade just looked awful on my lips; very natural on my cheeks, however. I really recommend these.

In the picture on the left, I’m wearing Poppy on my cheeks and lips. In the picture on the right, I’m wearing Flare on my cheeks.

Nonzer 4 in 1 Highlighting Palette


The Nonzer 4 in 1 Highlighting Palette is $12.00 for 0.24 ounces of product. It contains four highlighting shades: an icy pink, a rosy pink, a gold and a purple to blue duochrome.


These are hands down some of my favorite highlighters that I own. Each one of them leaves behind a stunning glow with no glitter. They are creamy and smooth. You can easily apply them on the face or eyes using a finger or brush. Out of all of these products, I recommend this palette the most.

In the first picture on the left, I’m wearing the top shade on my cheeks and in my inner corner. I’m wearing the second from the top shade on my lids. In the next picture, I’m wearing the third shade on my cheeks and lids. In the last two pictures on the right, I’m wearing the bottom shade on my lids, top shade in my inner corner and on my face.

Warm Up 4 in 1 Bronzer


The Warm Up 4 in 1 Bronzer is $12.00 for 0.248 ounces of product. Like the Nonzer Palette, it contains four shades but instead of just highlighters, you also get two bronzers. The shades are: a deeper orange toned bronzer, mid to light orange toned bronzer, a peachy highlighter and a light gold highlighter.


I like this palette but I don’t quite love it. I bought it after I bought the Nonzer Palette so I expected the highlighters to be on par with it and… they’re not. The highlighters in this palette are much more subtle. That isn’t a bad thing but it’s not quite what I wanted. They are very creamy, however, and not glittery in the slightest. As for the bronzers, I don’t actually wear bronzer but I did use them on my eyes and they were very nice. They were easy to blend but I think they might be a little too orange for many people’s skin. Overall, this isn’t a bad product but it’s not a favorite and I could see myself decluttering it eventually.

In this picture, I’m wearing the bottom highlighter on my cheeks and every shade on my eyes.


Final Thoughts:

Undone Beauty is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands, though, it does have its misses. I’m testing out quite a few more things from them so keep an eye out for those reviews soon. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from them and what you think! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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