Milani Reviews: Color Fetish Matte Lipstick, Ludicrous Lip Glosses, Nourishing Lip Plumper & Hydrating Eye Cream


Milani is kind of a one hit wonder brand for me. I absolutely love their Ludicrous Lip Glosses but everything else is just kind of meh. Unfortunately, they have basically discontinued their Ludicrous Lip Gloss line because they clearly don’t want us to have nice things🙃 When I saw that they had released a few new ones with their fruit themed collection, I grabbed them. I also picked up a few other random products so let’s talk about them!

Color Fetish Matte Lipstick

The Color Fetish Matte Lipsticks are $9.00 apiece. They’re available in a few different nude-ish shades and I chose Passion. On the Ulta website, Passion is described as a medium mauvy nude but on the Milani website, it’s described as a reddish brown; which is what it actually is. I bought it from Ulta and I wanted a mauvy nude, not reddish brown. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty shade but I have a few just like it in my collection.

As for the formula, it’s a pretty basic matte lipstick. It is very opaque and feels creamy while being applied. It has a soft matte finish that is not completely transfer proof. I wouldn’t say that it’s uncomfortable but it did slightly dry my lips out. Overall, I don’t hate it but I don’t care to buy more shades.

Just Peachy & Mon Cherry Ludicrous Lip Glosses

The Ludicrous Lip Glosses are usually $9.00 apiece but they are currently on sale for $6.29. Since these particular glosses were part of a limited edition collection, I doubt they will be available for much longer. Milani released three different fruit themed glosses and I picked up two of them, Just Peachy and Mon Cherry. Just Peachy is the more pigmented of the two and it is an orangey peach color with slight gold shimmer. Mon Cherry is a sheer red color with red shimmer. Both glosses are scented, as their names would imply, but neither have a taste. They also have a wide, flat applicator that comes to a point for easy application.

This gloss formula is my favorite for a reason. They have a high shine finish with a thick and slightly tacky, but not sticky, texture. They’re so thick that they last on the lips longer and transfer less than any other gloss I’ve tried. Though these two have shimmer, the shimmer doesn’t feel gritty. These are great quality glosses and I recommend grabbing them while they’re still available.

Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper

The Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumpers are $10.00 apiece. They’re available in a ton of shades but I chose Rosy Bronze, a shimmery bronze with warm undertones. This lip plumper is supposed to make the lips look fuller while hydrating them with Hyaluronic Acid. It is slightly vanilla scented and has a large doe foot applicator. 

This is honestly a basic lip gloss that provides a slight cooling sensation on the lips. I really like it as a sheer gloss that I can throw on any time but I didn’t notice it plumping my lips and it also disappears pretty quickly. It does not have the staying power that the Ludicrous Lip Glosses do. If you find it on sale, it’s worth trying but I don’t think it’s worth the full price.

Avocado Hydrating Eye Cream


The Avocado Hydrating Eye Cream is $10.00 and you get 0.51 fluid ounces of product. It’s packaged in a squeeze tube with a twist on lid. It contains avocado oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. It is not scented.

I don’t like this eye cream. It didn’t harm my under eyes but it didn’t help them either. Even though it’s quite lightweight, I felt that I had to really work to blend it in. I didn’t notice my under eyes being more moisturized and they actually felt slightly irritated because I had to work harder to blend this cream in. Even though it’s very affordable for an eye cream, I don’t recommend it.

Final Thoughts:

None of these products, except the Ludicrous Lip Glosses, were really stand outs.When it comes to most of the drugstore brands, I find Milani to be the most mediocre. It’s unfortunate because I want to love them. Feel free, though, to let me know if there’s something I really need to try from the brand. Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

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