Undone Beauty Poppa Gloss, Water Highlighter & Water Blush Reviews


Undone Beauty has so many amazing products that I love. Their eyeshadow formula is currently my favorite and I really like just about everything else I’ve tried… until now. What is unfortunate, however, is these products had the potential to be great. Let’s get into the good, bad and the moldy.

Poppa Gloss

The Poppa Gloss is the least problematic so we’ll talk about it first. It’s $10.00 and you get 0.14 ounces of product; at least that’s what it says on my tube. The website claims that you get 0.35 ounces of product so I’m not sure which is correct. It’s packaged in a thick tube with a large doe foot. I chose the shade Touch of Mahogany, a deep nude.

This is simply a basic lip gloss. It’s not sticky and is slightly moisturizing but the lasting power is not great. This gloss just kind of disappears off the lips even if you’re not eating or drinking. The pigmentation is more on the sheer side but I don’t mind that because it makes for an easier application. It does have a slight scent but no taste. Overall, this gloss isn’t bad but I also don’t recommend it. For $10.00, I feel there’s better options out there.

Water Highlighter Stick & Water Blush Sticks

The Water Highlighter and Blush Sticks are $10.00 apiece. They each contain 0.19 ounces of product and claim to be ultra blendable, buildable and non-comedogenic. They are all packaged in plastic, twist up tubes. I have both available blush shades, Raspberry and Merlot, and one of the available highlighter shades, Gold Lit. Raspberry is a cool toned pink and Merlot is a warmer toned berry. Gold Lit is a cool toned gold.

I really did like these three products, especially the blushes. They are all more on the sheer side and require a good bit of building up but that makes them easy to work with. I never could get the highlighter to really show up on me but it did add a hint of natural looking glow. All of the products blended easily and lasted all day. So, what’s my problem with them?

Mold. Mold is my problem. I have only owned these products for maybe four months and only used them a couple of times. I’ve had cream products last for YEARS with no issues. When I looked back on the swatch pictures above, I noticed that there was texture on them even then. I took those pictures before using the products so it couldn’t have been my skin that caused them to mold. I posted about this on my Instagram stories and the brand reached out to me. They claimed that it was caused by temperature extremes… These products were stored in my temperature controlled house with all of my other makeup. The Gold Lit Highlighter literally has green spots on it so no, it’s not due to the temperature. There isn’t any mold on the Raspberry Blush but now I’m nervous to use it. I’m also very disappointed because I really did like the blushes and now they have to go in the trash. I highly don’t recommend purchasing any of the Water Stick products.

Final Thoughts:

I still really love Undone Beauty but I’ve discovered that their eyeshadows are really the only products that I care to buy from the brand. Don’t get me wrong, I like most of the other stuff I’ve tried but none of it is super special or unique, except the shadow formula. If you’re looking to try something from the brand, you can read my reviews for the Curator Eye Palette in Soul and the Curator Eye Palette in Soft. I’d love to know what you think about the brand or my review! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Undone Beauty Poppa Gloss, Water Highlighter & Water Blush Reviews

  1. Carla N.

    I must respectfully disagree about the Poppa Gloss.
    I have Cherry Blossom, and I love it.
    I actually find it to have the slightest hint of stickiness, and it seems to last a respectable length of time, for a gloss. What I think I appreciate most, besides the deep vibrant raspberry red color and the pleasant light fruity scent, is the way this gloss seems to smooth the lines in my 58-year-old lips.
    Maybe the product’s characteristics vary from shade to shade.
    I plan to buy Hyacinth soon; it’ll be interesting to compare it with Cherry Blossom. And you’ve made me want to try the eyeshadow, too! 😀

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