Catrice Reviews: More Than Glow Highlighter, Oil Infused Blush, Powerfull 5 Lip Care, Matt & Dewy Glow Fixing Sprays


Right before Catrice left Ulta, I picked up a few of their newer products. Catrice is a pretty mediocre brand, in my experience. I don’t usually hate what I try from them but I don’t have any real favorites from the brand either. The products pictured above however, interested me and I’m happy to say that a few were really good. With that, let’s get into the reviews! 

-More Than Glow Highlighter

The More Than Glow Highlighter is $6.00. It’s available in two shades and I have Supreme Rose Beam, an icy pink. This highlighter has a powder formula with a metallic finish. It does contain glitter but I didn’t find it to look “glittery” on the skin. 

To put it simply, this is the best highlighter that I have tried in 2021. It gives a beautiful, blinding glow and doesn’t look chunky or dry on the skin. I decluttered most of my highlighters because the ones in my Lorac Lux Diamond Golden Hour Palette were my absolute favorites but this $6.00 highlighter is just as good as the ones from Lorac. I find myself reaching for it all the time, especially for my cooler/pink toned looks. I also think the pink undertone adds a brightness to the face. I highly, highly recommend this highlighter.

-Cheek Lover Oil Infused Blush

The Cheek Lover Oil Infused Blush is $7.00 and is currently available in one shade, Blooming Hibiscus. This blush has a baked formula and is enriched with hibiscus oil. It is a coral, peachy shade with fine gold shimmer. 

I really like this blush BUT only as a blush topper. It just doesn’t have enough pigment to really show up on my skin tone unless I spend forever building it up. It looks beautiful however, added on top of pink or peach blushes. It doesn’t look glittery or dry on the skin and it really adds a gorgeous glow. I recommend it but only as a topper, unless you have a more fair skin tone than I do. In the pictures below, on the left is this blush by itself and on the right is it used as a topper with a matte blush.

-Powerfull 5 Lip Care

The Powerfull 5 Lip Care lippies are $6.00 apiece. I have three of the four available shades; Sparkling Gauva, Sweet Cherry and Addicting Cassis. Sparkling Gauva is a pale pink, Sweet Cherry is a rosy pink and Addicting Cassis is a pink with a brown undertone. These are supposed to be moisturizing and like a tinted balm.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find this formula to be moisturizing at all. They look nice on the lips and I like the shades but they have a satin, almost matte, feel to them. They also don’t last long and if my lip products aren’t hydrating, I expect a longer wear time. I don’t dislike them but they’re not favorites. The pictures below, from left to right, are: Sparkling Gauva, Sweet Cherry and Addicting Cassis.

-Oil Control Matt Fixing Spray & Dewy Glow Finishing Spray


The Oil Control Matt Fixing Spray is $8.00 for 1.69 ounces of product. It claims to minimize pores and mattify the skin for up to 16 hours. I don’t think it does anything for pores but this is a REALLY good setting spray. I think there is actually is a difference in the longevity of my makeup when I use this. I also think it helps keep my skin matte. If you have combo to oily skin, I recommend this spray.

The Dewy Glow Fixing Spray is $12.00 for 3.38 ounces of product. It claims to give a dewy glow and I think it does that. Keep in mind, this isn’t really a setting spray. It’s designed to give a glow to your skin and makeup, not make your makeup last longer. If your makeup looks too powdery, this spray is great for getting rid of that. It’s also great for making highlights “pop” and for wetting eyeshadow. If you’re looking for something like that, this spray is a good option. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this little haul was a success. I plan to keep all of these products in my collection for the foreseeable future and I could see myself repurchasing the More Than Glow Highlighter and Matt Fixing Spray. If you know of any other great products from Catrice, let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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