Massive ShopMissA Haul with Reviews!


I went through a period of time where I didn’t buy from ShopMissA because nothing interested me but then I suddenly had the urge to try ✨everything✨ Today’s haul is one of three but it is the largest. Since it is more products than I usually review at one time, I’m going to keep everything as short and sweet as possible. Let’s get started! 


I bought three new primers: the Aqua Hydrating Primer, Blur-Fection Primer and No Pore Primer. The Aqua Hydrating Primer is $1.00 and you get 0.67 ounces of product. I’m usually not a fan of hydrating primers but I wanted to pick this one up in case I needed a hydrating option in the future. This primer is on par with the other hydrating primers I’ve tried, moisturizing but doesn’t do much to extend the wear of foundation. For the price, though, it’s a great one to have. 

The Blur-Fection Primer is $1.00 and I can not find how much product it contains. It’s a semi solid formula and like most pore blurring primers, it has a silicone feel. I used this primarily on my cheeks and nose. It doesn’t totally fill in pores but it does help to blur them. Again, for the price, it’s worth trying. 

The No Pore Primer is $1.88 and you get 0.67 ounces of product. It’s another silicone based pore filling primer but I prefer this one to the Blur-Fection. It just seems to do a better job of filling in pores and I think it really helps with the wear time of my makeup. I recommend this one the most. 


I bought three complexion products: the AOA Prowear Foundation, AOA Top Secret Concealer and AOA Liquid Concealer. The Prowear Foundation is $1.55 and you get one fluid ounce of product. I have the shade Fair Ivory, a good match for my fair skin with a yellow undertone. This foundation claims to be medium to full coverage with a semi matte finish and I agree with those claims. I loved the way this foundation looked on my skin and the coverage but I wasn’t crazy about how it wore throughout the day. I do have a combo skin type and this foundation really broke apart in my oily T-zone. It also creased quite badly and could feel heavy on the skin. If I paired it with a good primer and powder, it wore better but it’s still not a favorite. Overall, I think there’s better options out there. 

The first two pictures on the left are of my skin with no product and the two on the right are with one layer of foundation. I really love the coverage levels and the finish. 

Here was my makeup on three different days, using this foundation. I was always happy with how it looked initially. 

The picture on the left was taken after a workout, I had been wearing the foundation for around three hours, and the one on the right was taken after about eight hours of wear. Things just… didn’t look great. It really broke apart and was super creasy. 

As for the concealers, the Top Secret Concealer is $1.00 and you get 0.46 ounces of product. Like the foundation, I have the shade Fair Ivory. This is a potted concealer so it has a stiffer formula. It claims to give medium to full coverage but I disagree. I found it to give low to maybe medium coverage. It has a semi matte finish. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. It just really doesn’t do much for me and I’ll probably declutter it.

The Liquid Concealer is $1.55 and you get 0.34 ounces of product. Once again, I have the shade Fair Ivory. I like this concealer more than the potted one but it’s still not a favorite. I found it to give medium to full coverage and it also has a semi matte finish. My main issue is that it can look very cakey and heavy. I’ve been really into more hydrating, serum like concealers and this one definitely isn’t that. I do think it would work well for most people, though, and it’s a great affordable option. 

I bought three blushes: the Cream Blush in Cupid, Cream Blush in Shy and Lumi Blush in Rose Dawn. Both Cream Blushes are $1.00 and you get 0.12 ounces of product. That’s not a ton of product but a little bit of this formula goes a LONG way. I really love both of the shades I chose. Cupid is a pink shade and Shy is a red shade. Along with loving the colors, I also love the formula. They are super easy to apply and blend out. They last all day and dry down to basically a matte finish. I can’t recommend them enough. 

As for the Lumi Blush in Rose Dawn, it’s $1.00 and you get 8 grams of product. I both love and hate this blush. It’s one of the prettiest colors that I own. It’s a perfect rose shade BUT I hate the gold glitter that’s mixed throughout it. I knew it was a glowy blush when I bought it but I didn’t expect it to be so glittery. As you’re applying it, gold glitter gets everywhere. I still like wearing it but I have to work to buff off as much of the glitter as possible. I recommend it depending on your taste in blush and if you want to deal with pure glitter. 

In the pictures from left to right is the Cream Blush in Cupid, Cream Blush in Shy and Lumi Blush in Rose Dawn. 

I bought four highlighters/brightening products: the Powlighter in Astro, Velour Highlighter in 4 U, Wonder Baked Highlighter in Icing and Perfect Setting Powder in Brightening. The Powlighter in Astro is $1.00 and you get 2.8 grams of product. This is an icy pink loose highlighter and it’s one of the best I own. You need the smallest amount of product to get an INSANE glow. It’s very easy to work with and looks smooth on the skin. I recommend it so much. 

Of these four products, my favorite is the Velour Highlighter. It’s $1.00 and you get 3.1 grams of product. The shade I have, 4 U, is no longer available so I linked to another one above. I’m really sad that they discontinued this one because it’s the perfect champagne shade. It is a cream formula and gives an intense glow with no glitter. If you can find a shade that works for you, get it. 

The Wonder Baked Highlighter in Icing is $1.00 and you get 4 grams of product. It’s a white shade that shifts to blue. I like this one but I don’t love it. It’s a pretty dry baked formula and it doesn’t have a lot of shine or glow. I do like it as an inner corner highlight but I could see myself decluttering this one. 

The Perfect Setting Powder in Brightening is $1.00 and you get 0.25 ounces of product. The best way I can describe this powder is meh. It doesn’t really brighten and it’s not great as a setting powder either. It’s fine but I wouldn’t buy it again.

In the pictures from left to right is the Powlighter in Astro, Velour Highlighter in 4 U and the Wonder Baked Highlighter in Icing in my inner corner.

The two eye products I bought are the Wisp Mascara in Black and Fairy Garden Eyeshadow Quad in Orchid. The Wisp Mascara is $1.00 and you get 0.43 ounces of product. It claims to volumize, lengthen and lift lashes. I do think it helps to lengthen and lift but it didn’t give my lashes any volume. However, since it’s not really a volumizing formula, it doesn’t clump up. It does a great job of separating the lashes and I had no issues with applying it or with it transferring. It’s a really good mascara, especially for $1.00. In each of the pictures below, I’m wearing two coats of the mascara on my lashes. 


The Fairy Garden Eyeshadow Quad in Orchid is $1.00 and you get four shades, one satin and three metallics. The top two shades, cream and brown, are excellent. They apply easily and look beautiful. However, the bottom two orchid shades are trash. They’re very hard to apply because they’re so hard pressed and they create chunky fallout. I say skip this quad because even though it’s only $1.00, it’s not worth it if half the shades are unusable. 

If I didn’t have dupes for these shades, I would keep the quad for them but I have shades like this a million times over. 

I had to apply the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Dreamlover on my lid to cover up how patchy the eyeshadow was. 

I bought quite a few lip products. My absolute favorites are the JelliJam Lip Sleeping Masks. They’re $1.55 apiece and you get 0.17 ounces of product. I’ve tried every flavor at this point and they’re all great. They have a super hydrating formula that’s thick but not sticky. You need to try them!

Next is the Squalips Shimmer and Clear Lip Glosses. They’re $1.00 apiece and you get 0.11 ounces of product. I love the formula of both of these. They’re very hydrating and the glitter in the Shimmer Gloss isn’t gritty at all. My only complaint is the small amount in the tube because I’ve already used up multiples of these BUT they are only $1.00 so I can’t really complain. 

Last but not least is the Wonder Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They’re $1.00 apiece and I can’t find how much product is in the tube. I bought three of the shades: Unreal, Lush and Sugar. Unreal is a dusty mauve, Lush is a deep berry and Sugar is a deep oxblood red. The formula of these lipsticks, for the most part, is amazing. They’re super comfortable and long wearing. They do stay slightly tacky on the lips, which is why they’re so comfortable, but that does mean that they’re not totally transfer proof. The formula is very similar to the Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks… and those lipsticks are $18.00. My only issue is with the Sugar shade. It’s incredibly blotchy, almost like it’s separated. Some parts of my lip, which you’ll see in the picture below, are deep red while other parts are bight red. Nothing I did could get the color to even out so I would avoid that one but the other two are great.

In the pictures from left to right is Unreal, Lush and Sugar. 

Final Thoughts:

If you’ve made it to the end of this massive collection of reviews, thank you. I hope they were helpful! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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