Easy Summer Makeup That Lasts!


A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about my favorite products for a full face of sweat and crease proof makeup. I still stand by and love everything I talked about in that post but those products were for a full coverage and more “put together” kind of look. I went tubing on a river this past weekend and wanted makeup that would be as water proof as possible but be very minimal at the same time. I think I found some really good options so let me show you the look and then we’ll talk about the products!

My main goals for this look were easy, glowy and waterproof. My acne and scarring did still show through but I didn’t want to wear too many layers. For me personally, my makeup breaks apart faster if I cake on a ton of concealers and powders. Let’s talk about the most important part of the look first, the base.

24It was not only important that my base hold up through heat and water but that it also crease as little as possible. I have smile lines and lines between my brows and while these products weren’t as crease proof as the ones I chose in the post mentioned above, they were super easy to blend out if I noticed them creasing. I also have combination skin that gets oily in the T-zone and these products were able to hold up really well. I did look quite glowy after a few hours but I expected that.


I knew for my cheeks and eyes that I wanted cream products. I find that cream formulas tend to hold up better in water and they’re easier to blend back out if they crease or get messed up.

  • ShopMissA Cream Blush in Shy– This is a gorgeous red blush that looks natural on the cheeks. The formula is so easy to work with and as a bonus, it’s just $1.00.
  • ShopMissA Velour Highlighter in 4 U– This is another $1.00 gem but this shade is no longer available so I linked to another one. I’m really sad that they discontinued this one because it’s the perfect champagne shade. It gives an intense glow with no glitter.
  • Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Moonwalk– Any Colourpop SSS would be a great option but I chose Moonwalk because it’s such a beautiful shade. It has a mauvey red base with a green/gold flip. It’s what I would consider to be a very interesting neutral shade. Pictures just don’t do it justice.


Each one of these products held up fantastically. I had no smearing from my mascara or my brows, even when my face got fully wet. I layered the gloss over a lip balm that had SPF in it and both lasted for hours.

Final Thoughts:

These products will be my main go tos this summer when I want a quick and easy look. I would love to know what your top choices are for makeup that lasts through water, sweat and heat! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Easy Summer Makeup That Lasts!

    1. I love it!! It doesn’t keep you matte for hours but it adds a beautiful glow to the skin. It would be a great setting powder for normal/dry skin and finishing powder for oily/combo.

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