You Don’t Need the Tarte Maneater After Dark if You Have These Other Tarte Palettes


Tarte recently released their Maneater After Dark Eyeshadow Palette. For $52.00, you get 24 shades that are perfect for the upcoming fall season. Like most makeup enthusiasts, this palette caught my eye. All of the reviews I’ve seen so far have been positive and most mention how unique and different it is for Tarte… but is it really?


Last year I bought my first two palettes from Tarte, the Tartiest Pro Remix and Unleashed. Both of these are older palettes and the Unleashed has been discontinued but since they are new-ish to my collection, they’re both fresh in my mind. At first glance, neither of these palettes look identical to the Maneater After Dark but once swatched out, there are SO many similar shades.


The top left picture is swatches of the Maneater After Dark Palette; picture credit goes to Makeup Just For Fun. The bottom left picture is swatches of the Unleashed Palette and the right two are the Tartiest Pro Remix. As you can see, there is a ton of shade overlap and some identical shades. The Unleashed Palette has the neutrals, mauves and teals while the Tartiest Pro Remix has the smokier shades and pops of color. Neither of these palettes are an exact dupe but they’re close enough for me, especially since the Maneater After Dark is so pricy.

Final Thoughts:

If you were thinking about buying the Maneater After Dark, it might be worth looking through your collection to make sure you don’t already own something similar. I personally don’t find the color story to be that unique or new and I’m willing to bet it could be easily duped with many other palettes. I especially don’t think you need it if you own these palettes from Tarte. Of course, though, nobody “needs” makeup so buy what makes you happy. Are you planning to pick up this new release from Tarte? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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