More Flower Beauty Reviews!


I’ve been testing out quite a few products from Flower Beauty. I reviewed a few of them last month, you can see that here, and I want to talk about the rest of them today. I have found some absolute gems but there are a few I’m not crazy about. Let’s get into the reviews!

After falling in love with the Flower Pots Blush in Berry-More, I wanted to pick up another shade. I chose Spiced Petal, a neutral pinky brown shade. Peach and brown toned blushes tend to look bad on my skin tone but this one is gorgeous. There’s enough pink mixed in to make it look like a natural blush shade. The formula is easy to blend and build up. It also adds a gorgeous glow to the skin without being glittery. This is honestly my favorite neutral blush at the moment. These blushes are $10.00.

I decided I wanted to also try the much raved about Blush Bomb Drops. This liquid blush is $10.00 and I chose the shade Cheeky, a rosy pink mauve. While I loved the color, I unfortunately didn’t like the formula. It was SO sticky! I was able to blend it out and build it up fairly easy but I could feel it on my face all day long. When it comes to cream formulas, I much prefer the Half Caked Candy Paint Blushes.

The Bitten Lip Stain is $10.00 and I have it in the shade Play, a rosy pink. The formula is fantastic. It’s comfortable, long wearing and leaves behind a pretty pink stain. I also have the shade Tempt in this formula, which you can see here. I prefer Play because it’s a bit more toned down and neutral. Of course, if you’re wanting a bright berry pink, Tempt is perfect. No matter which shade you choose, though, this is a great lipstick formula.

Another great formula from the brand is the Perfect Pout Moisturizing Lipsticks. They are $9.00 and I have the shades Blush Rose, mauve, and Jasmine, berry. These lipsticks are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are a more typical cream formula, though, so they will wear off, but I found that they wore away gracefully. These are some of my favorite lipsticks in my collection right now and I could see myself buying more.

I had high hopes for the Perfect Pout Soft Matte Lip Color but it unfortunately wasn’t great. It is $10.00 and I have the shade Garnet, a gorgeous holiday red. I loved the color, applicator and initial soft matte finish but I HATED how it wore. It’s one of those formulas that wears away in patches and just looks gross. This might only be an issue with this particular shade but I don’t really want to spend more on a different one to test that out. I suggest avoiding this formula and going with the Bitten Lip Stain or Perfect Pout Moisturizing Lipstick.

Final Thoughts:

I really loved most of these products but of course, there will be duds ocassionally. Let me know what your Flower Beauty favorites are! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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