Book Review of “Born Wicked” by Jessica Spotswood


I’ve been buying so many books lately because I’m wanting to branch out from the same stories I’ve been re-reading for years. One of my favorite places to buy books is a store called Ollies. Ollies is a retail store with books, groceries, pet stuff, home stuff and just really a mixture of everything. If you can find one near you, go! They have a huge book selection with books ranging from $1.00 to about $8.00. These aren’t just random books by authors you’ve never heard of either. It’s authors like Stephen King, Philippa Gregory, Dean Koontz and so many more. Anyways though, one of my recent purchases from there was Born Wicked  by Jessica Spotswood. This is the first book out of three and I hope to get the next two soon.

The story is set in New England in the late 1800s. It is about three sisters, who happen to be witches, and is told from the point of view of the eldest sister, Cate Cahill. The sisters live in an oppressive, overly religious town where witches, and those suspected of witchcraft, are persecuted. Their mother, who was also a witch, died before she could really teach the girls about their magic abilities and how to control it. You can tell that the author was strongly influenced by the Salem witch trials at the end of the 1600s. However, she does deviate from history a good bit. I mean there is Puritanical religious overtones but in this book the founders of America were witches descended from Persephone, a Greek Goddess. The witches were later overthrown by the religious organization called The Brotherhood and that is who is still in power throughout the book. I would definitely say this book is  fantasy with sprinkles of historical fiction mixed in.

I enjoyed this book. At first, it was a bit dull and kind of hard for me to get interested in but it does get better. I’m going to buy, read and of course, review the next two. I hope this gave you a pretty good idea what the story is about. If you enjoyed this, please leave me a like or a comment and be sure to follow me. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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