A Second Look and New Thoughts on the Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation


Way back in January I purchased and reviewed the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer and Foundation and to summarize, I was not impressed. I couldn’t figure out why so many people loved these products. I was determined to try and get at least the foundation to work for me and I did, sort of. I did not try the concealer again because it was too dark for my skin, too runny and did not provide the coverage I needed. The foundation is $5.99 and mine is in the lightest shade, Porcelain.

My finished makeup with this foundation. I thought it turned out very nice. 

This foundation required a good bit of work and effort to look good on me. The color match is absolutely perfect but the formula is just not great for my skin. In my first review I said that it clings to any dry patches and skin texture and that is still true. Before I applied this I used a facial scrub and a thick moisturizer. I really tried to make my skin as smooth and even as possible. That did greatly help the appearance but I could still see it clinging to my problem areas, especially on my nose. The first time I ever used this foundation I used my e.l.f. face primer so I decided to try a different primer and see if the outcome would be better. I bought the Milani Prime Correct that covers redness and conceals pores. I had MUCH better luck using this primer than I did with the e.l.f. primers. The Milani primer has a much tackier consistency that really seems to help keep the foundation from slipping off my face. I tried the e.l.f. primers again just to see if I would get the same results as the first time and I did. Apparently the e.l.f. primer formula doesn’t mix well with the Wet n Wild foundation formula.

Wearing the foundation another day. It had really settled into my fine lines. 

As for powders, the first time I tried this foundation I used the e.l.f. loose HD powder so I wanted to try something different this time around. I bought and used the Milani Pressed Glow Powder and the results were much better. The Milani powder applied fairly even across the foundation, unlike the e.l.f. powder that looked very caked up. However, even the Milani powder didn’t look perfect just for the simple fact that where the foundation clings to, the powder will as well. That’s why a good primer and foundation is so important under your powder.

By using a facial scrub, moisturizer, Milani primer and Milani powder I was able to make this foundation wearable. Would I now recommend it? Yes and no. For me, I’m going to keep this foundation as a back up. The color match is great and I can make it work decently but after just a few hours it wears off my nose and settles into fine lines. Not to mention the fact that it clings to my dry patches and acne terribly. I also hate the smell of this foundation (smells just like paint) and I LOATHE the little paddle scoop they give to actually get the product out. I always prefer a pump. I will not repurchase this. If you have oily to normal skin with no major acne or scarring this foundation would probably work fine for you. It has decent coverage but what good is that if it’s going to show off every issue your skin has?

I really tried to put this foundation to the test to give you a more accurate and thorough review. I tried it this time with two different primers and two different powders. I wore it to the gym, in the heat and just inside. This foundation just doesn’t hold up. Let me know what you think about this. I know this is a popular foundation so different opinions are always welcome. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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