The June Wrap Up!


Slacking Off

Where has June gone!? I feel like this month has flown by and I just couldn’t keep up. My goal for my blog is to always post between three and five times a week. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less; this month it was usually less. A few weeks this month I only posted once because my real life just got in the way. Between work, family, home improvement projects and trying to work out I just couldn’t find the motivation. I think that’s pretty common, however, with anyone that writes or does anything creative. Sometimes you just need to slack off and recharge.

Do yourself a favor and zoom in on my cat’s face in the back.

Weight Loss and Exercise

This month was very meh for me as far as losing weight goes. It seems like whenever I lose a few pounds I hit a plateau and have to readjust what I’m doing. That’s the point I’m at right now. My weight has fluctuated this month up and down. I lost a pound this month and altogether I’ve lost fifteen pounds. I prefer to lose at least three or four a month but as long as I’m not gaining I’m not going to be too harsh on myself. As for exercise, I worked out ten times. My goal is always to work out three times a week for an hour each time but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I’ve been just doing cardio but I’m tossing around the idea of weight training. If you have any tips or suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Meet Harry Pawter! This is my parent’s cat and my black cat’s (Binx) biological brother.

Movies and TV Series

After reviewing the first season of The Tudors I’ve not really watched anything else. Well, I have but it’s just been the latest season of Supernatural on Netflix and I don’t think anybody wants a review about that, haha! I’m sure I’ll eventually be in the mood for season two of The Tudors but until then I’m always open to suggestions. I love historical fiction and horror (not gore, though) so let me know what you would want to see!

My beautiful books!


The first book review for July will be on Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. It is the sequel to a book called Lady Midnight in a series called The Dark Artifices which is a sequel series to a series called The Mortal Instruments; complicated I know. I hate reviewing sequels first especially when it’s a sequel in a sequel series but I am so excited about this book. I’ve been reading these books since I was a teenager and I still love them just as much. Besides that, I’m not sure what I’ll be reading but I always have plenty to choose from.

Titan saw me pet the neighbor’s dog and proceeded to give me this jealous stare.

Makeup and Skincare

As usual, I’ve bought too many new things so I have a lot to review this month. I have an order from Shea Moisture cosmetics on it’s way that I’m very excited about. Shea Moisture is a natural and cruelty free makeup and skincare line so look for that if you’re interested. I also have more NYX, e.l.f. and some random skincare to tell you about as well.

Nowhere better to sleep than in a box.

Thank you!

If you have hit that follow button, liked a post or commented on anything please know that I appreciate it so much! I’m not sure why you people like to read my ramblings but some of you seem to. I hope that for you (and me) that July is even better than June was. Also, if you live in the United States, happy Independence Day! This country is a hot mess but I’m grateful to live here. As always, talk to me. Give me your suggestions and feedback! I believe that’s everything so thank you for reading and have a great day!

Goodbye June, hello July!

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