NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

NYX has been putting so many of their products on sale lately so, of course, I’ve been buying everything that I’ve wanted to try . One thing I really wanted to try out was their Soft Matte Lip Cream. I had heard great things about this lipstick so I bought all of the ones that were bundled together and available in the sale. I was able to get Set 6 and Set 7. Each set was $6.00 a piece and usually these lipsticks are $6.50 each (right now a lot of them are on sale individually for cheaper). I had taken pictures of myself wearing each lipstick but something happened with the pictures and now I only have pictures of the swatches. Hopefully you will still be able to tell what each shade accurately looks like.

Set 6 includes the shades: Havana, Copenhagen and Vancouver. The shade names are in the order of the swatches in the picture above. I did not like Havana at all. It’s a beautiful, blue-purple color but it is just so streaky. You really have to build this one up on the lips and even then it doesn’t look opaque. Copenhagen and Vancouver are gorgeous but can also be a little streaky. They do build up better than Havana, however.

Set 7 includes the shades: Milan, Prague and Seoul. The shade names are in the order of the swatches in the picture above. Milan and Prague, the two pink shades, were my favorite of these three. They applied opaquely and I didn’t have a problem with them being streaky. Seoul, like the purple Havana above, was very streaky and I really had to work to make it opaque.

I really like the Soft Matte Lip Creams but it seems like the darker colors tend to be streaky, none of them dry down fully matte and they are not long wearing. These do dry down most of the way so I would say they’re fairly kiss proof but if you eat or drink you’ll have to touch these up. Since they’re not fully matte they’re not drying on the lips and are very comfortable.

Overall, I do recommend these even at full price but I would maybe try one of the lighter, pink shades over the dark ones if you don’t want to work to build them up. These are beautiful, though, and so comfortable. Let me know if you’ve tried these before or would like to! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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