NYX BB Cream Review


*UPDATE: The formula for this has been changed. It is now a much thicker and better consistency. The coverage is better and it just looks fantastic on the skin. I would say with concealer I can get a full medium coverage. I love it so much more now and highly recommend it! Everything else in this review, besides the coverage and consistency parts, are still accurate which is why I didn’t do a full new review 🙂

I recently reviewed e.l.f.’s BB Cream and I loved it but it just made my face too oily. I wanted to find another and I like almost everything from NYX so I decided to give their BB Cream a try. It is $13.00, so over double the price of e.l.f. It claims to be: oil free, mineral enriched, able to brighten the skin, smooth the skin and moisturize. So, was it everything it claimed it to be? Yes and no.


  • I bought mine in the lightest shade they offer, Nude. It was an okay color match to me but not perfect. It was a little too orange and it seemed to oxidize a small amount which you can see in the picture at the very top of the unblended and blended swatches.
  • This has a VERY runny consistency. If you try this out be sure to shake the tube before using or it will be almost like water.
  • The coverage is just okay. It is just a BB Cream so it’s not going to have coverage like a regular foundation but the coverage for this was lighter than my e.l.f. BB Cream. In the picture above on the left I have on my NYX HD Concealer, the e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Concealer Stick (review coming soon) and then I have on the BB Cream. Even with all of that you can still see the color of my acne. When I use the e.l.f. BB Cream I only have to use one concealer on top over my acne. I tried this BB Cream alone, with the concealers on top and the concealers underneath (which is what I usually do) and I just never got the acne coverage that I like.
  • This will cling to dry skin but I didn’t notice it clinging to my acne or textured skin.
  • It has very little smell and contains no SPF.
  • I tried this with and without primer. It seemed to wear better with a primer.
  • A positive about this is it really is oil free. My face never got oily while wearing this and I didn’t notice any significant break down of the cream throughout the day. I wore this to the gym and it still looked good when I left. I did set it with powder and setting spray.

It may sound like I hated this but I really didn’t. The completed look with powder and everything, picture on the right side above, actually looked very nice. My only complaint with how it looked was that it clung to my dry skin and was just a bit too orange for me. If you have oily to normal skin this is going to be perfect for you, especially if you don’t have any significant acne to cover. If you have dry to combination skin you’ll just need to be sure to moisturize before. I did moisturize my skin and it still found dry places to cling to but if you really want to try it that’s my best advice.

Is this worth $13.00? No it is not, at least not to me. The e.l.f. BB Cream has a much better formula, except for the excessive oil, and it’s only $6.00. The only way I would repurchase the NYX BB Cream is if it’s on sale but it all depends on your skin and what you want. Let me know your thoughts on this and what affordable/cruelty free BB Cream I need to try next! Thank you for reading and have a great day!

2 thoughts on “NYX BB Cream Review

  1. Great review! I also have this NYX BB Cream and do like it but I don’t love it…at least not yet. I also find it can cling to dry patches but I will definitely take your advice and try it with a primer and see if that helps me!


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