The Best Powder I’ve Tried From e.l.f. So Far- Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder Review


I am ALWAYS buying new powders. I’ve never been able to find that one amazing powder that I’m just in love with but I have found a lot of good ones. One of the good ones is the e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Finishing Powder. I’ve tried almost all of e.l.f.’s powders and they usually range from awful to just meh but I really like this one. It is $6.00 and I have the lightest shade, Fair/Light.

First off I want to talk about the packaging on this. I love all of the Beautifully Bare line packaging and this powder is no exception. It is plastic but it doesn’t feel too cheap. It has a nice mirror and a sponge so I would consider it to be travel friendly. When I apply this with a loose powder brush it sits on my skin beautifully. It doesn’t clump or cling to dry patches, texture, etc. However, when I use a tightly packed powder brush it tends to look too heavy and can be very clumpy. I would say this needs to be applied lightly and just built up on the skin. I felt like it wore nicely throughout the day but I typically don’t have oily skin so I’m not sure how it would be for that. My only complaint is the color. It is way too orange on me. The only time I can use this powder is when I accidentally put too much white mixer in my foundation. I really wish they would come out with a translucent white shade or just a Fair shade. Until then I doubt I will repurchase this unless I get a tan.

If you’re darker than me, I really recommend you check out this powder. Let me know if you’ve tried this before or if you have any suggestions for me! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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