Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit Review

I was shopping on Ulta’s website and wanted to hit the free shipping amount so I needed something cheap. I came across this Ultra Contour Kit by Makeup Revolution for $3.49 so into the virtual cart it went. I bought mine in the shade Fair but as of right now I can not find this shade on Ulta’s website or Makeup Revolutions. I really hope it’s not being discontinued but the Light/Medium shades are still available so I linked to those.

I don’t use bronzer so I can’t say how it worked but I LOVED the highlight and blush. The highlight is not subtle at all so you need to use a light hand and build it up. It doesn’t have any chunky glitter. It’s just a wet, gorgeous shine. The blush is a pink with a peach shift and honestly has been my favorite blush for weeks. It does go on pretty sheer but you can build it up. It has shimmer in it which does draw attention to my pores somewhat but I like it enough to overlook that. It’s not the longest lasting but I have no trouble touching it up. None of these products had excessive kick up.

I tend to wear my blush very lightly so I feel it’s not really showing up in these pictures but you can see the highlight in the picture on the left.

I really hope this small palette isn’t being discontinued because it is just so beautiful, especially for the price. You might be able to find it in Ulta stores or on Amazon. This was my first product from Makeup Revolution and I was not disappointed. What is your favorites from them? Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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