e.l.f.’s New Prep & Blur Stick and Blotting Powder Review

I thought I would review two of e.l.f. Cosmetics newest products, Prep & Blur Stick and their Blotting Powder , together because I bought them at the same time and neither warrants a lengthy review.

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The Prep & Blur Stick is an $8.00 primer that is supposed to blur imperfections and minimize pores. It is silicone free and contains witch hazel to help absorb oil. My skin is combination that tends to be more dry with acne. I have very large pores and fine lines. Basically, my face is just a mess. This primer stick is just very meh. If it did anything for my pores, the main reason I bought it, it was very minimal. I did not notice them looking any smaller but this did seem to “blur” them somewhat. I also didn’t notice that this made my foundation last longer. In fact, this seemed to make my foundation break up on my forehead and nose but most primers do that to me. I also don’t know this for certain but after I started using this I begin to get white heads in between and right above my eyebrows. I have never had trouble with clogged pores in that area. That may just be a coincidence, however. I would not purchase this again, especially for $8.00.

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The Oil Control Pressed Blotting Powder is $6.00 and claims to leave a semi-matte finish, blot away oil and control shine. It contains Kaolin Clay and Camellia Japonica that is supposed to control oil without drying the skin. This powder is good and I liked it but I don’t know if it will really help those with very oily skin. If I get oily, it’s in my T-Zone and while this did get rid of the oil I did get oily again quicker than I would expect using an oil control powder. I do think this powder is great to carry in a purse or bag. It has a nice mirror and sponge with sturdy packaging. I did not care for how this looked under my eyes. It seemed to accentuate my fine lines so this would not be my choice for an all over face powder. For that, I definitely prefer the e.l.f. loose Beauty Shield Setting Powder. This powder also leaves a bit of a white cast so you might want to use with caution if you have a deeper skin tone. I do recommend this powder for touch ups and it’s what I plan to keep in my purse.

I hope this review was helpful to you if you’ve been eyeballing these products! Let me know what new e.l.f. releases you’re most interested in! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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