Book Review for “Along Comes a Wolfe” by Counios & Gane

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*This book was sent to me for review purposes by the authors. All opinions are my own.

I’m going to be honest… I’m always a little nervous when an author wants me to review their book. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALWAYS flattered, but I really hate the possibility of hurting an author if I don’t like what they’ve written. Thankfully this was not an issue with Along Comes a Wolfe by Counios and Gane. I really, really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it much more than I even expected to because it is a mystery novel and that just isn’t something I typically love. However, I’ll get more into my thoughts after I give you the synopsis. This review will be spoiler free.

High school student Sheri Beckman has disappeared. When a massive search turns up nothing, her boyfriend, Tony Shepherd, joins forces with a wise-ass troublemaker named Charlie Wolfe to find out what happened.

But Charlie’s investigations aren’t always legal, so when another missing girl is found dead, Tony must decide whether doing right might sometimes mean doing wrong.

Together, Shepherd and Wolfe must find a ruthless killer and stop him before someone else dies.
My Thoughts

I enjoyed quite a few aspects of this book. One of the main things that I really liked was the portrayal of the teenage main characters, Tony and Charlie. I read a good bit of YA and YA books have certain tropes. One of those tropes tends to be the overdramatic, hypersexual and just unrealistic portrayal of teenagers. Not saying teenagers can’t be overdramatic and hypersexual, because obviously they can, but if you read a lot of YA like me you’ll know what I mean. These teenage boys just seemed real and they were over all just well rounded characters.

I really liked the story in general. As I mentioned above, I’m typically not a big mystery fan. No reason for that except they usually bore me. This book was a page turner and there wasn’t one moment where I felt the story was just dragging on.

I also liked how the story was dealing with a very serious topic (murder) but still for the most part remaining light and enjoyable. None of the descriptions are too graphic so it’s definitely what I would consider suitable for most readers.

This is the first book of what will be a five part series. The second book is called Shepherd’s Watch and I will be reading and reviewing it at some point in the future. I recommend this book for teenage and adult readers alike. Just click these links to Amazon and Goodreads if you’re interested in getting this book for yourself or reading other reviews. Does this book sound like something you would be interested in? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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