Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask & Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask Reviews

I love the Freeman Feeling Beautiful brand masks and I’ve tried a bunch of them. I haven’t been disappointed so far and these two newest ones are no exception. The Hydrating Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask is a new release at Ulta and the Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask/Scrub has been out for awhile. Both are $4.29 and contain 6 fluid ounces of product.

Hydrating Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask

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I absolutely love the Hydrating Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask! I mentioned in my review of the Hydrating Glacier + Pink Peony Gel Cream that I really wished they would release a full size tube of it. They still haven’t did that but this mask is basically the same thing. It is good for all skin types and I believe that dry skin types would enjoy it the most. You can apply this and then rise it off after ten minutes or just leave it on, which is what I do. It is very hydrating but not sticky and just makes my skin feel amazing. I love using this mask after I’ve used a scrub or when my skin is irritated. I highly recommend this.

Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask/Scrub


Another winner is the Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask/Scrub. This mask can be a bit difficult to apply and rinse off because of the scrubbing crystals. I took a picture of it on my face so you can see what I’m talking about. This mask claims to be suitable for all skin types but I think people with very dry or irritated skin may find this too abrasive. It is supposed to detoxify pores and exfoliate and I definitely think it does do that so this is going to be great for oily/acne prone/combo skin people. When you first apply it the mask feels very warm on the skin, which I enjoy, but that does go away after a few seconds. I wouldn’t recommend using this more than two or three times a week because again, it’s a more abrasive mask. I do recommend this if you don’t have dry or sensitive skin.

That’s my two newest masks! There’s still a few more from the brand I want to try but at this moment I have enough to last a solid year, lol. Let me know which masks from Freeman Feeling Beautiful you’ve tried or want to try! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal + Black Sugar Gel Mask & Cactus + Cloudberry Water Gel Mask Reviews

  1. I am a long time fan of Freeman masks, especially their charcoal masks (I have both the sugar scrub one and the charcoal mud mask). I have combo skin, so I have to rotate my masks to keep my skin in check. I also love Freeman’s pomegranate peel-off mask when I need a little boost of radiance. It feels so refreshing and it isn’t painful to get off! Thanks for the helpful reviews!

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  2. Ana

    I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Freeman products. I never used them though. I usually opt for clay masks. I think I might try the Polishing Charcoal + Black Sugar one because I have oily skin.

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