No Buys, Low Buys & New Plans for 2019

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I had originally planned to have an e.l.f. Cosmetics mini haul, most of the stuff pictured above, and review up today but there’s a few items I want to test out longer. Those reviews will be up the beginning of January. I decided to talk to all of you about some possible changes that might be coming in 2019 instead.

I have been on a no buy since right before Thanksgiving. I went on the no buy because I just had enough stuff. I found myself constantly buying new items and really not loving what I already had. I am what is considered a micro influencer, and a very micro one at that. This means I do not get PR (free stuff to review) or sponsorships. Everything on my blog is mostly paid for by me; of course, I occasionally get free gifts with purchases and I’m in the NYX Makeup Crew so they may send me some things every few months to review. I don’t mind buying everything myself because this is my hobby and I love it but that adds up. I do have a budget that I stick firmly to and would never under any circumstances take out a charge card for makeup. If I can’t afford it right then, I don’t buy it. Money isn’t the main reason I went on my no buy, however, and have changed my way of thinking. The main reason is I just have an excess of products and have had to throw away multiple items because they expired. I basically had to throw money in the trash and that doesn’t sit well with me.

I recently discovered a Youtuber by the name of Hannah Louise Poston. She is doing an entire no buy YEAR. She’s doing this to combat her serious overspending in almost every area of her life. I am loving her videos and really think everyone should check her out. She is so well spoken and describes how I’ve been feeling about all this makeup perfectly. I do not plan to do a no buy year. In fact, my no buy ends on Christmas and I do plan to buy quite a few things that I’ve been wanting BUT being on a no buy for even this short amount of time has taught me the value in waiting to make a purchase. I’ve been able to fully research what I want and make sure that I really want that actual item and not just something new.

What does this mean for 2019? It means I’m technically doing what is considered a low buy. I’m going to try and make smarter choices and use up what I have. What this means for my blog is that there might be fewer reviews but I can focus on other types of posts. I’d like to do more posts like: inspired makeup looks (like my Spyro ones), anti-hauls, shop my stash, duping the color stories of high end products with more affordable ones and tutorials with the makeup I already have. I also want to start incorporating more books posts and some video game ones because I love those as much as makeup.

Of course, the makeup reviews will always be here because I love doing them, there just might not be two a week. I would love some feedback about what you would like to see on my blog. I’m always open to suggestions!  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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