May Wrap Up!


May is behind us and here in Alabama that means that the fiery depths of hell have now descended upon us. I’m not a fan of summer, obviously. Until I can truly be happy again in October, I’ll make do with makeup and books. Here’s what’s coming in June!


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I haven’t really been planning out what I’m going to read. I just see what catches my eye from week to week so I can’t really give you a full line up for June. I can tell you, however, that the first review will be for Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I’m not sure why it took me so long to finally read this book but holy crap, it’s so so good. That review will be up this coming Wednesday!

Makeup & Skincare

Before I get into what I’m doing this month for makeup and skincare, I wanted to mention again that while I know Wet n Wild is no longer cruelty free, I will still be using the products pictured above. I also have a loose powder from them that I’m currently using. I discussed the situation with them and talked about other brands you should support instead in this blog post. I wanted to mention it again here just in case some of you didn’t read that blog post. I don’t feel comfortable wasting good makeup but I will no longer purchase from them.

I pretty much have the entire month of June planned out as far as makeup and skincare goes. I’m WAY overdue for a skincare update so that will be coming at some point this month. I also will be showing you guys my favorite palettes for summer (pictured above, bottom left) and reviewing a few products from J. Cat Beauty; one of those products is their Walk of Stardom Palette (pictured above, right). I have some new Dose of Colors lipsticks, essence products, NYX products and some indie products that will be spaced over June and July as well. I’m definitely good on makeup and I’m honestly thinking about going on a no buy until my birthday in August.

Video Games


In May, I reviewed the fifth game in the Dark Parables series, The Final Cinderella. The look I created that was inspired by it is honestly one of my favorites of all time. If you’re interested in it, just click the link above to the game review. For June, I’ll be reviewing the sixth game, Jack and the Sky Kingdom. While this little series of game reviews isn’t the most popular on my blog, it’s still being better received than I thought it would be and I’m glad some of you are enjoying it! I personally love it because it inspires me to create more creative looks.

Thank you!

In last months Wrap Up post, I told you all that the Get Healthy With Me post would be back this month but I ended up writing about the Wet n Wild situation instead. I think instead of writing a Get Healthy With Me post every month, I’ll just do them when I feel like I have something worth writing about. Unfortunately, I have not been doing the things I need to to stay healthy and until I get back on track, I can’t really write about it.

My little blog surpassed 500 followers this month and I appreciate it so much! If you’d like, you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I hope you all had a great May and that your June will be even better! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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