Wet n Wild is No Longer Cruelty Free; Eleven Other Brands You Should Support Instead

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News broke about a week ago that the brand Wet n Wild is no longer cruelty free. Their products were spotted in China and NO cosmetics sold there can truly be cruelty free. Not only did Wet n Wild lie to their customers and say that their products were not sold in China, they’re still lying and claiming that even though they are in China, they’re still cruelty free. If you would like to know all the ins and outs of the situation, I recommend watching this video by Jen Luvs Reviews. Obviously, I will no longer be supporting the brand on my blog. You will still see me use the products I already have from them because I don’t believe in wasting good makeup but I will not be purchasing from them again. Honestly, even if they removed their products from China I still would not support them because they LIED to everyone.

If you look back through my reviews on Wet n Wild’s products, you’ll notice that I really didn’t like much from the brand. However, I know that they were a staple for many people so I wanted to offer eleven other brand alternatives. These are brands that I love and that are cruelty free. I might mention a few individual products that I love but not everything because there would just be way too many. All of these brands have been reviewed on my blog before.

NYX is a staple brand for me. I love so many of their lip products, single eyeshadows and their BB Cream. Their prices have been creeping up but they’re still on the affordable side.

If you glance around my blog you’ll see how much I love e.l.f. So many of their products aren’t just cruelty free, but vegan as well. They make incredible blushes, highlighters, lip products and brushes. They manage to do all of that while still being super affordable.

BH Cosmetics can sometimes be hit or miss for me but I love enough from the brand to recommend them, especially the Desert Oasis Eyeshadow Palette and Spotlight Highlighter Palette. They’re an affordable brand to begin with but they also have almost constant sales.

Catrice is a brand that I’ve recently started exploring and so far I’m quite impressed with the quality for how affordable they are. Their Waterproof Makeup Transformer is amazing.

essence is perhaps the most affordable of all these brands and I just love them. They make amazing highlighters, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow primer, foundation and some pretty good eyeshadow palettes.

I feel like everyone knows and loves Colourpop but I had to add them in here. I recommend their eyeshadow palettes over anything else they make.

J. Cat, like Catrice, is a brand I haven’t tried a ton from but what I have tried, I’ve loved. They make my FAVORITE blush formula ever. They also have some really good highlighters and matte liquid lipsticks.

Milani is on the higher end of the drugstore prices but they usually make good quality products. I love their blushes, cream bullet lipsticks and highlighters.

Covergirl, unlike Wet n Wild, is moving forward instead of backwards. They recently went cruelty free and are very affordable. I recommend their eyeshadow trios, some of their foundations and mascara.

L.A. Girl is another affordable brand that I want to explore more of. I’m really enjoying their blushes and eyeshadow quads.

Hard Candy makes my all time favorite foundation, as of right now. I also love their color corrector. Their prices are around the same as e.l.f., so super affordable.

Juvia’s Place isn’t considered drugstore like all of these other brands (technically Colourpop isn’t either but they usually have drugstore prices). I wanted to mention Juvia’s Place, however, because while they may not be drugstore, they are very affordable and they make my favorite eyeshadow formula of all time.

I am so disappointed in Wet n Wild but I hope some of these other amazing brands will gain the customers that Wet n Wild has lost. If there is anything in particular that you need a dupe for from Wet n Wild, please let me know! I’m sure I’ll know of a dupe or I can find out for you. Do you enjoy any of the brands I mentioned above? Also, how do you feel about the Wet n Wild situation? I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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