My Palette Picks for Summer!

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I LOVE using all kinds of colors in my makeup but as the seasons change I’m drawn to different shades and tones. I thought it would be fun to talk about which palettes I’m planning to use the most this summer, think very warm and shimmery. I have reviewed all of these palettes and I will link to those reviews. Let’s get started!

*All of the pictures will look different from each other because they were taken from their individual reviews. My photography style has changed over time.

Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral

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This is one of my newest editions. It’s a bit more on the cool toned side than what I typically like in the summer but it also has some perfect warm, coral shades. I really think it will pair perfectly with the next palette…

Juvia’s Place Saharan 2

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This one is the perfect summer palette, in my opinion. The shades are just so vibrant and warm. I think it will pair beautifully with the corals in the Nubian 3.

Juvia’s Place The Festival

This palette is filled with the kind of vibrant shades I want this time of year, especially the pink, orange and red. This one would also pair well with the Saharan 2.

Juvia’s Place The Masquerade

I chose this palette in my spring palette picks as well. It’s honestly just perfect year round. It has everything you need from neutrals to bright pops of color.

BH Cosmetics The Desert Oasis 

I love, love this palette all year round but it just screams summer to me. The shimmers are out of this world and you also get gorgeous highlighters. If you’re a neutral lover, I recommend this palette the most.

That is all my palette picks for summer! If you would like to see more of these palettes and the looks I create with them, you can follow my InstagramI’d love to know if we share any favorite palettes or what yours are! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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