J. Cat Beauty Love Struck Blush in Pumpkin and Luxe Pro Powders Review

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I am really excited for today’s review because I have found something that has reached true holy grail status for me. I don’t throw around the words “obsessed” or “holy grail” lightly so if I say something is, it’s because I truly love it. Only one of these products has reached that status but the other two are great as well. All three of these items come from the brand J. Cat Beauty. They’re one of my favorite brands because they rarely disappoint me and they’re so affordable. Without further ado, let’s get into the reviews!

Luxe Pro Powders

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This picture was taken with the flash on so that the sparkle in the Pearl Luminizer can be seen.

The Luxe Pro Powders are $6.99 apiece and you get 1.5 ounces/42 grams in each one; that’s a TON of powder. I bought the shades Porcelain and Pearl Luminizer. Both powders come in a bottle with a sifter. I really don’t like the packaging because the cap is too small for most powder brushes or sponges. I put my Porcelain powder into another container that I had. The packaging really isn’t an issue for the Pearl Luminizer powder since I use a small brush with it.

Now for the actual product reviews… the Porcelain powder is my new holy grail! I’ve never had a powder that really worked well for me. They either didn’t last on my skin, were too dry or they oxidized. This powder does none of those things. It sets my makeup smoothly and keeps it looking flawless all day long. I prefer to use a damp sponge to apply my powder but I’m sure it would work just as well with a brush, just maybe not provide as even of coverage. 

thumbnail - 2019-07-21T170706.201

The above picture was taken with my front cell phone camera because it shows the most detail. I took this picture after trying out the powder for a full day. I was AMAZED. I wore it on top of my go to Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation. Don’t get me wrong, that foundation holds up great on its own but nothing like this. I had been outside in the heat, wore glasses all day and taken a nap. You can’t even see marks from my glasses and that has never happened before with any foundation or powder. This is some seriously good stuff. I do want to note, what you wear under the powder does matter. It’s not a miracle worker and if you put it over a foundation that really breaks apart or creases, the powder will help but it’s not going to totally stop that from happening. I do still have a little oil break through around my nose after a full day of wear so this might not be the best choice for those with very oily skin. Another possible issue is the shade. This is a porcelain colored powder, not translucent. There is one darker shade available but J. Cat really needs to expand the shade range. If you’re around my skin tone and don’t have very oily skin, I can’t recommend this powder enough.

thumbnail - 2019-07-21T170428.114
Ignore the eyeshadow fallout on my nose lol

Now let’s talk about the Pearl Luminizer! I took the above picture with my front camera and with the flash on to really show off the shine. When I bought this powder, I had planned to use it for brightening around my eyes or mixing with the more matte powder but I soon realized it was actually a loose highlighter. It does have a slight bit of glitter in it but it’s a smooth formula that doesn’t draw attention to texture. This provides a stunning but more natural highlight. It can be built up and I prefer to use a tightly packed brush for a more intense application. For a more natural, “lit from within” look, use a loosely packed brush. This highlighter also makes a gorgeous inner corner and brow bone highlight. For the price and how much product you get, this highlighter is an absolute steal and I really recommend it.

Love Struck Blush

I bought another Love Struck Blush in the shade Pumpkin, a lovely light orange. These blushes are some of my favorites. I also own Sweet Pea Pink, Lovey Dovey and Babe. They are $4.00 apiece and just a really solid blush formula. They’re buildable and blendable. For some reason, however, Pumpkin is already getting hard pan on it. My other three have not did this. It doesn’t really matter to me but it’s just something to note. If you’re looking for a good and affordable blush, go with one of these.

That is everything I have for this super tiny J. Cat Beauty haul. I have liked, if not loved, everything I’ve tried from them. They still have so much more that I want to try and I’d love to know if there’s something specific you’d like for me to review! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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